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IFCO has the largest footprint and network across the globe and has been operating since 1992 in close collaboration with customers to create a more efficient fresh produce supply chain.

We are trusted by the world’s top retailers. We manage the RPC pooling of 300 retailers and 15.000+ food producers – in every category, from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish to bakery goods.

Our extensive experience cannot be summarized on one page, but we can share with you some examples of how our pooling system has helped our business partners to achieve their supply chain efficiency targets in a sustainable way.

Feel free to contact our team of experts to learn more about experiences in your country.

Trusted by the world’s top retailers

Reference Case: Tomato plants
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Protect tomato plants and relish the safe and sweet results

What is the safest route to protect tomato plants from tomato viruses and pathogens? At Neurather Gärtner, it comes down to sustainable farming practices, rigorous hygiene controls and a highly skilled team of specialists (including an army of beneficial insects). Four passionate, self-described plant whisperers are pulling it all together: Owners and entrepreneurs Wilhelm Baum, Matthias Draek, Carsten Knodt, and Labinot Elshani.

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