Why IFCO RPCs recollection or return is easier than ever

The IFCO pooling process revolves around recollection and reuse of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs). And through our new app, MyIFCO™ recollect, managing IFCO RPC recollection is as close as your smartphone.

Our effortless pooling process

With the IFCO pooling system, our customers share Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) in a continuous loop, using them as and when they need them. This helps our customers reduce costs and lower their environmental impact. We make the entire process effortless for our customers, from delivering clean RPCs to producers through collecting used RPCs from retailers. Once IFCO RPCs have arrived at our wash centers, our camera-based technology counts the crates precisely, even mixed recollection pallets.

As our customer, you value the advantages of IFCO RPCs for transport, storage and at Point of Sale (POS):

  • They are sturdy, stackable and display-ready
  • And you really notice a key advantage of our pooling system once the IFCO RPCs are empty – their standardized footprint and low profile
  • Compared to other crates, IFCO RPCs have the lowest folded height
  • These reduced dimensions mean more RPCs per pallet
  • This results in fewer truckloads – saving costs while reducing CO2 emissions
  • Also, when compared to single-use packaging, IFCO RPC solutions produce up to 86 percent less waste
  • There are no solid-waste disposal fees to pay, nor back room space that fills up with bins of paper or disposable plastic
  • Instead, you simply fold and stack our interlocking, space-saving RPCs and schedule recollection with IFCO
  • We then pick them up from your designated location. It’s efficient, fast and convenient for you

Recollection or return?

When you want to send IFCO RPCs back, we distinguish between two types of pickup:

  • Recollection is intended for used, empty RPCs. These usually are sent from retailers following sales of fresh produce or other products.
  • Return is for clean, unused or surplus RPCs that were ordered by producers in larger quantity than needed.

In both cases, please remember to schedule prompt pickup of your IFCO RPCs.

How exactly does IFCO RPC recollection or return work?

The IFCO pool is managed centrally, with continuous monitoring and optimization of shipments, to ensure the right equipment is always available for our customers when and where they need it. Customer services are managed locally to ensure you can always reach someone who understands the needs and challenges of your market. Once you have palletized and counted your empty IFCO RPCs, you can schedule pickup.

We strive to offer the most flexible processes possible for you. For IFCO RPCs recollection or return, we offer various options.

MyIFCO™ for online scheduling

You can schedule recollection online through MyIFCO™. Our unique software offers you ever-ready internet convenience.

You access your own personal MyIFCO™ account through our user-friendly interface. Following automatic or manual counting and palletizing of IFCO RPCs, you can schedule recollection and track RPC movements.

Smartphone app MyIFCO™ recollect

With MyIFCO™ recollect, you can manage your IFCO RPCs simply from a smartphone: Tap. Scan. Count.

Preset options optimize processes – they tell you how many pallets you’ve scanned and how many you still need for a full truckload. MyIFCO™ recollect provides you the details at a glance, then generates the label. Print it, and your pallet is ready. When you are ready to return your pallets, just tap to schedule pickup. You can use the MyIFCO™recollect app immediately – no investment or training needed. It’s intuitive, easy to use and increases your efficiency. Our digital technology optimizes your processes – and it’s always at your fingertips. It’s the advanced and easy way to manage your IFCO RPCs.

Phone or fax scheduling

If you do not use the MyIFCO™ portal, you can always schedule recollection or return by phone, email or fax. Our trained support staff in regional and local offices speak your language. They are standing by to answer your questions and provide assistance in all aspects of managing your pooling assets.

Any questions? Please contact us to evaluate which options for recollection or return is best suited to you.

The benefits of fast RPC recollection and return

Because the pooling system is based on sharing, the quicker you schedule recollection or return of your RPCs, the higher your contribution to the environment is. When you schedule prompt IFCO RPC recollection, you help ensure that large volumes of the returnable plastic containers remain in the circular system, along with the widest possible range of models.

As you can imagine, this is particularly important during bountiful harvest seasons and special retail promotions. We encourage all our customers to schedule prompt pickup of their IFCO RPCs – whether return or recollection. This helps to meet on-going demand as quickly as possible.

Your reliable pooling services and RPC logistics partner

After recollection, we also take care of cleaning the pooling assets in our specially designed washing centers. There, IFCO RPCs are hygienically cleaned and dried according to strict industry food safety standards.

All wash processes are monitored and documented by our SmartGuardian™ software.

learn more about our SmartGuardian™ technology

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