Thriving through circularity

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2023 ESG Report

ESG 2023 Report

For IFCO, FY23 was once again a time of tangible progress against our goals; a time when we continued to empower our employees, our suppliers and our customers to advance the circularity of grocery supply chains. It is truly inspiring to see what we can achieve when we work together to deliver against shared sustainability targets.

Guided by our strategy, we have worked diligently to help customers eliminate single-use packaging and food waste from their supply chains. In fact, by making the switch to IFCO RPC’s, our customers avoided 346k tonnes of solid waste this year alone. And in recognition of our product performance, we also received Silver Cradle to Cradle® certification for our European Lift Lock RPCs. It’s results like that that have helped us achieve Sustainalytics’ coveted recognition of ESG Regional Top-Rated Company in Europe.

Receiving this sort of external recognition is incredibly rewarding, and not something we take lightly. Quite the opposite: it is the encouragement we need to continue innovating our solutions and operations for greater circularity.

Achieving our ESG goals will require a concerted effort and I am so encouraged by the collective passion I see from everyone at IFCO, every day. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each employee and each value chain partner. It is through your hard work and dedication that we will make our purpose a reality.

Inigo Canalejo
VP ESG & Strategic Marketing

Inigo Canalejo

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2023 ESG Report

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Who we are

Back in 1992, we introduced the first Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) that operated through a pooling system. More than 30 years on, championing a circular economy model is still at the heart of what it means to be IFCO.

One crate at a time, we have established ourselves as the leading provider of reusable packaging as a service for the global fresh grocery supply chain.

We’re determined to use that scale for positive impact, helping customers redefine their supply chains to benefit business, society and the planet.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our own operations too, and to addressing other fundamental priorities through a comprehensive ESG program and rigorous 2025 targets.

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Our ESG Strategy

Thriving in the circular economy

Changing landscape, future-proof business

The statistics paint a stark picture: the world is producing twice as much plastic as two decades ago, yet only 9% is recycled successfully. The remainder is sent to landfill, incinerated or leaks into the environment.

However, there are signs the tide is turning on the global approach to plastics – fueled by shifts in consumer expectations, economic conditions and regulations. With this evolution comes a clear business case for circularity.

IFCO: business resilience built in

In the face of all this change, businesses that stick with linear production will find themselves – and their customers – falling behind. As a company founded on the principles of circularity, IFCO is optimally placed to lead a circular revolution.

By working together with our customers to make fresh supply chains more sustainable through reusable packaging solutions, we can ensure we collectively remain ahead of regulatory, economic and consumer-driven change.

FY23 progress

Thriving Planet

Our ambition is to protect and regenerate natural resources by going beyond our circular economy model.

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Thriving Society

Our ambition is to be a force for good for our people, our partners and our communities.

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Thriving Business

Our ambition is to transform fresh grocery supply chains for a resilient future through circularity, innovation and best-in-class governance.

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Progess: Thriving Planet

Climate change

  • 30% of electricity at IFCO sites from certified renewable sources.
  • Submitted near-term Science Based Targets to Science Based Targets initiative.
  • Reduced like-for-like Scope 3 emissions from partner sites by 10% and overall Scope 3 by 12%.


  • Reduced freshwater use per crate by 6% globally.


  • 97.5% of all product waste reused at end of life.
  • Average recycled content increased to 40%.

Progess: Thriving Society

Our people

  • Maintained high employee satisfaction score of 76, at global benchmark.
  • 38% of office-based employees have career development plans in place.

Our partners

  • All strategic partners have implemented ESG initiatives and demonstrated tangible progress.

Our Society

  • Collaborating with food banks in 25 countries.
  • Donated 69,000 RPCs to food banks globally.

Progess: Thriving Business

Circular Supply Chains

  • Increased environmental savings delivered to customers by 2%.


  • Officially recognized as an ESG European Top-Rated Company by Sustainalytics, a leading independent ESG Risk Rating Agency.

Customer innovation

  • Launched first reusable flower bucket Floris in Europe, subsequently receiving the Reusable Innovation Prize in Germany.

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