Sustainable packaging solutions for fresh products

We offer a wide range of pooled equipment and solutions, with over 70 models of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs). We have RPCs to suit every type of fruit and vegetable, including one designed specifically for bananas. And we have other RPCs optimized for meat, fish, eggs and baked goods.

Our RPCs reduce the environmental impact of the worlds leading supply chains

As the world’s leading supplier of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs), only IFCO can support your business wherever you and your suppliers are – wherever the future may take you. Our pooling system ensures greater efficiency for you. Because you rent IFCO RPCs, not purchase, you save money, space and time. And we manage the entire process from delivery to collection, sortation, inspection and sanitization.

The heart of the IFCO Way – even more than our superior products, logistics savings and sustainable business model – is the service we provide. Most members of our field sales force have a background in agriculture, cargo, food logistics or retailing. We don’t sell products. We work with you to find solutions. That is the IFCO Way!

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Together with our customers in 2020, we have saved:

0 tonnes of CO2

0 million m³ of water

0 TJ of electricity

0 tonnes of solid waste

0 tonnes of food product waste

The best way of preserving quality and freshness from field to consumer

Our retail-ready transport packaging solutions enable producers to optimize space, improve temperature control and protect quality into the retail distribution center. With customers in over 50 countries and with more RPCs in circulation worldwide than any other supplier, IFCO can supply whatever your business demands. And with more RPCs in circulation worldwide than any other supplier – 314 million and counting – we can guarantee you’ll get the equipment you need, when and where you need it.

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