What makes ordering IFCO RPCs so fast and flexible

Along each step of the pooling process, IFCO offers the flexibility to provide you with the best solution. This begins with ordering, which we offer via email, fax, or through our advanced MyIFCO online ordering. Whether online or offline, ordering IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) is fast and flexible!

Your ordering journey starts here

As an IFCO customer, your journey starts when you order Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs). Our aim is to make the pooling process as simple as possible for you, and this begins with our ordering system. We can flexibly accommodate your needs and processes – for example, when you have to respond quickly to fluctuations in harvest yield or in market demand.

MyIFCO online RPC ordering

Our unique software offers you ever-ready internet convenience for placing your orders. You access using your own personal MyIFCO account ID through our user-friendly interface. This free service requires no software download, and lets you order online anywhere, at any time.

We have made online IFCO RPC ordering responsive on various digital devices, so you have an easily readable overview on smartphone displays, as well as on notebook and tablet computers. Realistic images guide you so that you order the correct RPC model. This helps to manage RPC logistics.

IFCO RPCs ordering is fast and flexible.

To speed up your IFCO RPC ordering process on repeat orders, you can mark your preferred products, enter multiple orders at once or view a record of past orders. Through MyIFCO, RPCs ordering is easier than ever. On the calendar display, truck icons show you the status of your order and pending delivery.

Should you have questions, your local IFCO customer service is just a click away.

Offline RPC ordering

This traditional ordering is based on email or fax. But before you place your order, our internal sales experts and field sales force advise you on which IFCO RPCs are best suited to your needs and we work with you to find the optimal solution for your business.

  • We listen to matters that concern you as growers: planned cultivation, pending production, seasonal fluctuation
  • We discuss commercial aspects, such as coordinating promotions that can triple sales
  • We also work with you to solve yield-related challenges
  • And we collect any oversupply of RPCs through our own logistics channels

And, as always, our local IFCO customer support representatives are as close as an email or phone call. We are always happy to hear from you.

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