Reduce costs and drive savings with IFCO RPCs

As a company increases its use of IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), it sees more efficient handling and use of space as well as a reduction in product damage and food waste.

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Switching from single-use packaging to IFCO RPCs eliminates €681$775 million in costs from fresh food supply chains each year.

For example, a supermarket chain using RPCs for just 20% of its five million annual fresh food shipments will save €96.700 – €210.896$110,000 – 240,000 a year. If it converts all its fresh shipments to RPCs, that same supermarket chain would further reduce costs – by an additional €1. – 3.1$1.2 – 3.6 million each year!

IFCO RPCs reduce costs in retail supply chains by up to 27%

Switching from single-use packaging to IFCO RPCs eliminates up to €681$775 million in costs from fresh food supply chains each year.

IFCO’s one-touch system saves you space, time and money
  • More efficient handling
    Better use of space and lower costs.
  • Safer for all products
    IFCO RPCs reduce product damage by over 96% compared with disposable packaging.
  • Significant savings
    The more RPCs a company uses, the greater the savings.

Generate savings in money, time, space and natural resources

The IFCO pooling system offers our customers a full-service RPC management solution that helps them save time and money, and reduces waste.

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Save money

No capital investment or depreciation, plus simpler per-trip pricing plans for all services.

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Save time

We manage the entire process from delivery to collection, sortation, inspection and sanitization.

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Save space

No storage required, thanks to just-in-time delivery based on seasonality, promotions and pipeline coverage.

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Save natural resources

Sharing RPCs helps you save water and fuel, and cuts down on waste to landfill, reducing your carbon footprint.

How the use of IFCO RPCs reduces costs for producers in the warehouse, during transportation and at Point of Sale (POS)

IFCO RPCs make financial sense for growers and retailers as they are stronger than disposable packaging and protect your produce better. They help cool fresh food faster and keep it in better condition. And when empty, they fold and stack economically, saving space and helping reduce transport and environmental costs.

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For producers: costs down by 10%

  • Fresh produce cools faster and more efficiently
  • Less damage during transport and fewer rejections
  • Space-saving design and minimal inventory requirements
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At Point of Sale (POS): costs down by 51%

  • Ergonomic handling for faster replenishment
  • No packaging waste
  • Greater savings with optional one-touch merchandising
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In the warehouse: costs down by 25%

  • Lower handling, storage and equipment costs
  • Less product damage
  • RPCs’ ergonomic design means fewer pulls and strains
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Transport costs down by 5%

  • Secure stacking for a more stable pallet
  • Designed for most efficient use of space
  • Unaffected by moisture

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IFCO’s one-touch system saves you space, time and money

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