Our reusable packaging solutions for meat

IFCO supplies sturdy, food-safe Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) suitable for frozen and chilled case-ready meat. Tough and durable, its design ensures the best possible temperature control, maintaining meat freshness and quality. Compared with single-use packaging, they reduce product damage, meaning less food waste and a higher quality of product on display at the Point of Sale (POS) and suitable for automation.

IFCO offers a wide range of RPCs optimized for meat, each available in a variety of sizes.

IFCO RPCs protect meat more effectively from producer to retailer

We pioneered one of the first foldable meat crates on the market, suitable for case-ready fresh or frozen meat. Our crates undergo an enhanced washing process at our service centers to meet our strict global hygiene standards.

IFCO RPCs help the world’s retailers optimize their fresh supply chains thanks to its standardized packaging system reducing handling, storage and equipment costs by 25%. Learn more about our circular economy approach.

Packaging solutions for meat

Blue Lite Meat

  • Depo alanı ve araç içi verimliliği için boşken katlanabilir tasarım
  • Maksimum hijyen için IFCO SmartGuardian™ sistemi tarafından kontrol edilen temizlik süreci
  • Soğutulmuş ortamlardan ve nemden etkilenmeyen ürün koruma özelliği

Chile Series

  • Una manera rentable de transportar sus productos de manera segura
  • El sistema de agrupamiento hace que no sea necesario invertir capital en los RPC
  • No se requiere espacio de almacenamiento para los RPC no usados

Green Lite

  • Rounded inner corners protect fruit and vegetables
  • Well-ventilated design maintains product freshness and quality
  • Suitable for both refrigerated and dry displays

Meat Lift Lock

  • One of the first foldable meat trays on the market
  • Sanitisation process controlled by IFCO’s SmartGuardian™ system for maximum hygiene
  • Can hold up to one litre of liquid

Meat Lift Lock (Vented)

  • One of the first foldable meat trays on the market
  • Sanitisation process controlled by IFCO’s SmartGuardian™ system for maximum hygiene
  • Can hold up to one litre of liquid

Meat Tote

  • Two position bale arm allows for varying product layer heights to optimize one container for all outbound shipments
  • Full crates can be column stacked for stability
  • Empty crates are nestable for efficient storage and transport

4 reasons to choose IFCO RPCs for meat

Clean and hygienic

The IFCO RPCs for meat are cleaned in a process that includes washing, disinfecting and thorough drying. Our SmartGuardian™ technology monitors every step, ensuring each stage meets exact standards, and independent auditors complete further checks.


The IFCO RPCs for meat are unaffected by moisture, so they remain strong in humid and refrigerated environments, reducing product damage and maintaining quality.

Efficient handling

The IFCO RPCs for meat, with their economic design with handles on four sides, allow easy stacking with minimum effort for efficient packing and pallet-building, and can go straight to the point of sale (POS) for use in refrigerated and frozen displays. Compatible with all standard pallets.

More sustainable

IFCO RPCs produce up to 60% less CO2 and 86% less solid waste; they also use 64% less energy and 80% less water than single-use packaging.

Supply chain automation of meat

Automation also supports the supply chain of meat and other perishable foods. Meat producing companies and distribution centers rely on IFCO RPCs because they help maintain proper temperatures in the cold chain by providing optimal ventilation in every part of the process. An unbroken cool chain is critical as temperature swings go from chilled to frozen. As IFCO offers one of the first foldable meat crates on the market, this results in less waste along with better use of storage space and reduced emissions during shipping – as with all IFCO RPCs.

Success Stories

Preserving meat quality: using IFCO RPCs for meat warehouse automation

As a company specialized in slicing and packaging meat for distribution, Spain’s Sediasa Alimentación has to adhere to strict cold chain requirements. By applying IFCO’s foldable meat RPCs, Sediasa Alimentación meets this challenge.

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IFCO’s retail-ready transport packaging solutions enable producers to optimize space, improve temperature control and protect quality into the retail distribution center. In addition, retailers can optimize distribution and merchandising, lower costs, preserve product quality and lower environmental impact. With customers in over 50 countries and with more RPCs in circulation worldwide than any other supplier, IFCO can supply whatever your business demands.  

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