Thriving in the circular economy

IFCO has empowered a thriving, circular business model for decades, driven by our purpose to make the fresh grocery supply chain sustainable. But the world today has changed. Business, society, the planet and the future require us to go above and beyond business as usual. It’s time for action.

In this video, CEO Michael Pooley outlines how IFCO sees its leadership role in bringing about change and gives a short overview of the environmental benefits the IFCO collaborative approach has already brought and will continue to bring to our customers and society as a whole.

Our new ESG strategy represents our commitment to a Thriving Business, Thriving Society and a Thriving Planet, through bold goals that foster the environmental benefits of our business model and address the issues that matter most to our business, stakeholders and communities. Welcome to our roadmap for IFCO’s place in a thriving world.

Thriving Business

Our ambition

Transform fresh grocery supply chains for a resilient future through circularity. Innovation and best-in-class governance.

We’re building resilience. Our targets for increased circularity, collaborative innovation and best-in-class governance ensures a resilient and sustainable fresh grocery supply chain.

Thriving Planet

Our ambition

Go beyond our share and reuse model to protect and regenerate our natural resources.

We will continue to focus on resource-efficiency for the health of the planet. Our operations will be carbon neutral by 2025 and we will achieve net zero emissions by 2040. We also aim to eliminate waste entirely from our business.

Thriving Society

Our ambition

Be a force of good for our people, our partners and our communities.

We’re committed to a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace. We’re also continuously innovating to reduce food waste and we continue to support local communities via our long-standing cooperations with food banks worldwide.

Join us in our ESG journey

Our 2021 ESG report includes the details behind our strategy and the goals we have set for the future.

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Sustainability, at the heart of our business model

There are many ways that we’re closing the loop but our key innovation is our game-changing IFCO SmartCycle™ system. Through the IFCO SmartCycle™, we have revolutionized a share and reuse supply chain that is enabling producers and retailers around the world to significantly reduce emissions, waste, energy, and water use. We’re continually enhancing the SmartCycle™ to advance sustainable solutions.

Calculating the environmental savings of our RPCs

We created our first RPCs to protect food and the environment by enabling our customers to reduce water use, waste and carbon through our share and reuse model.

To better understand the environmental impact – and benefits of our RPCs for ourselves and our customers, we use third-party life cycle assessments (LCAs) of our products. On average switching to IFCO RPCs generates the following environmental savings.

up to 0% less CO2

0% less waste

0% less water

0% less energy

0% less food waste

All IFCO Lift Lock RPCs in Europe are Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

Designed, manufactured, pooled and recycled to the strictest health, safety and environmental standards, our entire European line of Lift Lock RPCs — optimized for fruit and vegetables, meat and baked goods — are Cradle to Cradle Certified® at the Silver level, which means they are now the first and only fresh-food RPCs with this status.

What does it mean to be Cradle to Cradle Certified? The independent Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program is the world’s most advanced standard for designing and manufacturing products according to the principles of the circular economy solution. It is the premium benchmark for sustainability around the world and across all industrial sectors.

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Meet the incredible IFCO RPCs!

Experience the super-sustainable life of our crates.

Efficient, reusable, shareable: There’s more than meets the eye to our crates! Each IFCO RPC type has special sustainability features that help to protect our environment, whether it’s their sturdy design that reduces product damage and, therefore, food waste or their resource-saving reusability. It all comes together in the IFCO SmartCycle™, a smart distribution loop that ensures green practices wherever our RPCs come into play. Get all the info about IFCO RPCs, packed to the brim with sustainability features, and let’s embrace environmental responsibility together!

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