In a world of unicorns,
be a zebra.

Unicorns are cool, but (sadly) not real. They’re all show, no go. All icing, no cake. All sizzle, no steak. You get the idea.

Zebras though? Resilient and spirited, they look out for one another even as they run toward the horizon. Plus, they are real.

Less sparkle, more substance – like zebras, we are after that too. That’s why we are passionate about being a thoughtful and responsible company that cares for our people with a business model that protects our planet. We are carving a sustainable, resilient and profitable path – with our head in the clouds, and feet on the ground.

And before you think zebras lack the sparkle of our mythical friends, let us remind you what a group of zebras are called – a dazzle. That’s right. Together, we shine brilliantly.

Thriving in the Circular Economy

For us, sustainability is a way of living that influences everything we do. We don’t just create reusable packaging solutions, and then call it a day. Championing a resource-efficient, circular economy is a central priority for us. It has been for three decades.

Our commitment to designing innovative solutions that drive savings across the fresh grocery supply chain makes our reusable packaging solutions an easy choice. Operational efficiencies and environmental benefits – in one swoop. Our customers have reduced product damage by over 96% and reduced CO2 emissions by up to 60% since switching to our products and services based on our share-and-reuse supply chain model.

We are here to make a difference – join us in our mission to build a more equitable and sustainable future. Because, really, it’s time to stop looking at it as someone else’s problem to solve.

“Thanks to the passion and drive of our employees, we have been able to provide sustainability benefits to our customers at a scale that was unthinkable 30 years ago.”

IFCO ESG Report 2023 pdf

Join us in our ESG journey

For us, living our values means putting our purpose into action every day. It means finding new ways to thrive, to be a better, more responsible business.

That’s why we’ve put together an ambitious ESG strategy focusing on business, planet and society to set the new industry standard and provide a solid foundation for a thriving world.

See our progress

What sustainable growth means for us:

Confirming our sustainability and the circular economy commitments

Meet the incredible IFCO RPCs!

Experience the super-sustainable life of our crates.

Efficient, reusable, shareable: There’s more than meets the eye to our crates! Each IFCO RPC type has special sustainability features that help to protect our environment, whether it’s their sturdy design that reduces product damage and, therefore, food waste or their resource-saving reusability. It all comes together in the IFCO SmartCycle, a smart distribution loop that ensures green practices wherever our RPCs come into play. Get all the info about IFCO RPCs, packed to the brim with sustainability features, and let’s embrace environmental responsibility together!

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If you have any questions about sustainability at IFCO, write to our sustainability team.

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