Experience the super-sustainable life of our crates

Can crates contribute to a more sustainable future? You bet! Meet the incredible IFCO RPCs (reusable packaging containers). Learn how these crates are changing fresh food distribution and logistics for good – making a difference every day.

Damaged IFCO RPCs are granulated and "reborn".

They say "A cat has seven lives". Or nine, depending on where the cat comes from. IFCO RPCs, however, put our feline friends to shame: They can be reused up to 120 times! After this, they are granulated and recycled into new crates. This is what sustainability looks like.

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Reusability reinvented: The IFCO SmartCycle

When running around in circles gets you somewhere.

Sustainability makes our world go round: The IFCO SmartCycle is a distribution concept that helps to save energy and to reduce water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste. From packing to POS distribution, recollection and cleaning, IFCO RPCs are always handled with sustainable practices including repair and recycling of damaged RPCs.

Meet the incredible IFCO RPCs!

Sustainable IFCO RPCs save resources, are reusable and avoid food and solid waste.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them use crates! Like suppliers, retailers and producers that work with sustainable IFCO RPCs. With up to 60% less CO2 emissions and 86% less solid waste compared to single-use packaging, our crates help save natural resources. A chance to be a real role model for a sustainable industry and its like-minded customers. Isn’t that what heroes do?

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IFCO RPCs are sturdy and food-safe for less product damage.

Food safety is a top priority for IFCO along the whole distribution loop. The robust crate structure of IFCO RPCs protects food effectively and reduces produce damage in transit by over 96% compared to single-use packaging. The food reaches the point of sale in perfect shape, ready to be placed on display and enjoyed by consumers.

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IFCO RPCs require less resources – saving water and energy.

Share. Reuse. Reduce. IFCO RPCs are not just ideal for retailers and producers, but also for the environment. Since less crates have to be newly produced, we reduce the need for natural resources. Retailers, growers and packers reduce their environmental footprint with our IFCO RPC pooling and sharing system instead of maintaining their own crates. That way they use up to 64% less energy and 80% less water.

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This crate gets around a lot and likes to stay in the distribution loop.

We love life’s ups and downs – that is, higher efficiency and lower handling, storage and transportation costs. The IFCO SmartCycle ensures that our crates can be reused multiple times – saving resources during their circulation. This way IFCO RPCs spread joy wherever they go.

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Together with our customers in 2021, we have saved:

0 tonnes CO2e emissions saved

0 megaliters of water saved

0 TJ of energy saved

0 tonnes of solid waste saved

0 tonnes of product waste avoided

0 times circling the planet by car

0 Olympic size pools

0 households yearly energy consumption

0 people's yearly solid waste production

0 millions meals

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