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Over time, consumers shopping behaviors and preferences have influenced the retailers experience and the supply chain for fresh produce. Technology will enable change, and shoppers’ evolving expectations will drive it. Organic and GMO Free has seen an increase in sales, as well as locally grown produce and demand for high quality product.

Online sales continue to grow, also for fresh produce. The rapid and radical changes within the food and grocery industry will require new tools, strategies, technologies, and will somehow change the way of doing business.

Can you keep up, or even lead the way? Can you create enhanced or new solutions to give customers what they want, when or even before they want it?

CEO Insights is our platform to discuss some of the biggest retail trends impacting our industry and share our expertise and industry insights with CEOs, Executives and other supply chain decision makers. We believe that sharing our knowledge will help and inspire other executives to achieve their business goals and stay ahead in the market.

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CEO insight: B2B ESG strategy
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The spotlight shifts to B2B ESG strategy

The sustainability spotlight is no longer shining solely on consumer behavior. Consumers are rightly forcing the focus onto entire business models and their ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) performance.

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