OMRI Listed® reusable packaging for organic produce brings results

More than ever, today’s consumers are increasingly choosing to buy organic food and are willing to pay a premium for the best. But only as long as the organic fruit and vegetables look, feel and taste better than ever.

To ensure organic food arrives at retail looking good, feeling fresher and tasting healthier, it must be in a pristine condition. That’s why your premium organic produce belongs in IFCO reusable packaging for fresh organic food. IFCO RPCs are the perfect packaging solution to ensure your products exceed customers’ expectations – while maintaining your commitment to sustainability.

The challenging nature of organic produce

Organic integrity must be maintained throughout the supply chain.

Operational investment for growers is significantly higher for organic produce.

Food waste in the supply chain results in higher lost sales for both growers and retailers.

Premium packaging for your premium organic produce

Organic growers go that extra mile to provide premium organic produce. So does IFCO! Supported by a global network of RPC Service Centers, our extensive expertise of the challenging nature of organically grown produce ensures that converting your organic supply chain to reusable packaging for organic produce runs smoothly and brings cost-efficiencies. Using IFCO RPCs will result in fewer supply chain worries, reduce costs and have the additional benefit of being certified OMRI Listed® – annually since 2008.

What makes IFCO RPCs the best solution for organic foods?

Superior ventilation

By reducing the cooling time from cut to cool by 25-50%, the superior design of IFCO RPCs ensures an optimized combination of cold chain and humidity to provide a premium eating experience for your consumers.

Outstanding protection

Our standardized footprint ensures secure stacking for more stable pallets, reducing product damage by over 96%. This means that your organic produce arrives in the best possible condition, cutting down on food loss and waste in the process.

Scientifically validated

The IFCO wash process has been scientifically validated to effectively remove debris, residue and contaminates of all types, as well as pathogens that may be present on RPCs. OMRI has reviewed the IFCO wash process, including the chemicals IFCO uses, to ensure compliance with 7 CFR Part 205 – NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM requirements.

Verified cost-efficiency

Ergonomic handling brings increased efficiency throughout the supply chain, most notably in stores and warehouses.

Delivering up to 27% cost savings across the supply chain compared with disposable packaging.

Proven sustainability

Much like organic farming, the IFCO SmartCycle™ pooling system is primarily designed to create an environmentally sustainable food system. IFCO RPCs produce up to 60% less CO2 and 86% less solid waste. They also use 64% less energy and 80% less water than single-use packaging.

Clear identification

Throughout the fresh food supply chain and during transportation, organically grown produce needs to remain segregated from conventional produce. This is why we provide bright yellow labels to clearly identify your produce as organic at every step in the process.

Organic packaging solutions that stand out

Available in multiple sizes with standardized footprints, we have optimized our reusable packaging for organic produce use. Not only for fresh fruit and vegetables, but also for bananas, meat, fish, seafood, eggs and baked goods.

Ensuring highest food safety and hygiene in organic produce

Food safety and hygiene

Our state-of-the-art sanitation processes for IFCO RPCs ensure that the highest food standards are met. Independently validated, our wash centers are effective on a broad range of pathogens and contaminants that might be of concern for the organic food industry. These measures ensure the suitability of our reusable packaging for organic produce.

OMRI Listed for organic produce

We are proud that the entire IFCO RPC product range and processes are OMRI reviewed, including the chemicals we use, to ensure compliance with 7 CFR Part 205 – NATIONAL ORGANIC PROGRAM requirements. What’s more, we have maintained OMRI certification annually since 2008.

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