IFCO’s one-touch system saves you space, time and money

IFCO RPCs go straight from producer to Point of Sale (POS), reducing labor, storage space and packaging waste along the way. Quick and easy to replace in fresh produce departments, saving you time and money.

What is a ‘one-touch’ system?

‘One-touch’ means that once the producer places the produce in a container, no one touches it again until a shopper selects it at the Point of Sale (POS). Think of fresh peaches in IFCO’s one-touch system: they are first placed in the RPC at the farm. They then travel through the supply chain to the POS without having to be handled again. Because an IFCO RPC is display-ready, it can go straight to the shop floor. No need for unpacking, repacking or shelf-stacking.

How does a one-touch system reduce costs?

  • Because IFCO RPCs have a standard footprint, they are easily stacked: no time wasted on accommodating different sizes and shapes
  • They are unaffected by moisture: each container is equally strong and can be stacked in any order
  • Because of their stability, RPCs can be built higher for efficient movement, storage and loading
  • The ergonomic design means they are easily moved and placed in position. They go straight from storage to display
  • No box-cutters, unpacking or repacking, or cardboard waste
  • Superior ventilation means quicker cooling, a consistent temperature and longer shelf life
  • Empty RPCs are quickly folded and palletized, no bailing required

In short, IFCO RPCs save time and labor, and protect product life – saving you money in the end.

IFCO’s one-touch system saves you space, time and money

Shoppers prefer IFCO RPCs at the Point of Sale (POS)

Shoppers perceived the food in RPCs as being fresher and of higher quality than the food in disposable packaging. They also saw RPCs as more hygienic. Overall, they said they would rather shop from RPC displays, and some even said they were willing to pay more.

Shoppers in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom answered the following questions about fresh produce displays.

why RPC are preferred by shoppers

Attractive displays give shoppers a fresh perspective

With their vibrant colors and variety of shapes, fruits and vegetables present a visual feast. Retailers who choose the right packaging can enhance this natural appeal of fresh produce.

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