Dairy products are safe. You? Relieved.

Is there a more finicky product than dairy?

If not kept at a particular temperature, they decide to go sour at seemingly record speed – rendering it basically useless.

Enter Gregg. Yes, that’s our dairy reusable packaging container (RPC) specially designed to transport milk, eggs and other dairy products – reducing product damage by up to 50% and cooling them to optimal temperatures along the supply chain three times faster than single-use packaging. Plus, thanks to its collapsible design, it takes up far less space (67% fewer trucks on the road per year, to be precise) leading to transportation efficiency like no other. Simply put – you save on transportation costs while ensuring our planet has reduced carbon emissions to deal with.

Crack real world supply chain problems. Not eggs.

Gregg – the Dairy Crate

ifco egg crate

  • Compatible with rigid dairy and egg crates
  • Easily traceable thanks to RFID tech
  • Folds easily saving space during transport
  • Up to 50% less product breakage

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5 reasons to choose our RPCs for eggs

ifco reusable boxes for eggs

Less Product Damage

Up to 50% less product damage compared to single-use packaging

Superior Ventilation

Eggs cool to recommended storage temperature of 45°F/7°C three times faster than single-use packaging

Retail Ready

Ergonomic design for quicker and easier shelf replenishment

Greater Sustainability

Produces up to 60% less CO2, 86% less solid waste

Reduced Labor Costs

Uniform footprint supports the use of automated equipment

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…if you’re looking for a reusable packaging solution for your dairy products. Gregg is currently available only in North America, but finding solutions for our customers’ needs is very much our thing.

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