Reduce environmental impact by using IFCO RPCs

Our products use fewer natural resources than disposable alternatives throughout their lifecycle, from the energy and materials used in their manufacture through cleaning and repair to eventual recycling. And because they perform better in transit – stacking securely and maintaining their structural rigidity – they offer indirect environmental benefits, too. Less food is wasted, so less energy and resources are required to replace damaged stock.

Environmental Reduction Estimator

about this tool

About this tool

Calculations are based on the following studies: Carbon Footprint of food packaging, Stiftung Initiative Mehrweg(SIM); Comparative LCA of RPCs and Display and Non-display ready corrugated containers used for fresh produce; Determination of spoilage levels of fresh fruit and vegetables – Fraunhofer IML and University of Bonn – Stiftung Initiative Merhweg. Conversion factors may vary by region and country.

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Reducing waste, emissions and water use

Switching to IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) reduces your supply chains’ impact on the environment: less waste out, fewer natural resources in.

Cutting waste through collaboration: IFCO RPCs are an important part of leading grocery retailers’ sustainability programs.

IFCO RPCs are…

Producing up to 60% less CO2 while saving energy

Using IFCO reusable packaging containers (RPCs) instead of single-use packaging means a significant reduction in CO2. That’s because IFCO RPCs are designed to be reused again and again. No need to recycle and remanufacture them after every use like single-use packaging.

Sending 86% less waste to landfill

IFCO RPCs reduce the creation of solid waste by 86%, thanks to their long lifespan and the fact they are fully recyclable. Each is used between 30 – 120 times before it is removed from service due to wear, damage, or design changes. And at the end of its life, each is granulated and used to create new RPCs.

Using 80% less water

Water-recycling technology at many of our state-of-the-art wash centers reduces water use by over a third for each wash. By comparison, single-use packaging systems use 80% more water during their lifecycle due to heavy water use during production (regardless of their recycled content), and in the recycling and disposal phases.

Reducing over 96% of product waste

RPCs reduce food waste and ensure higher-quality produce in stores. Keeping fresh food fresher for longer, IFCO RPCs translates into less food waste.


IFCO moves up in
2024 Sustainalytics ranking,
rating among the top 500 companies worldwide

Receiving an overall Sustainalytics ESG low-risk rating with a score of 10.7, IFCO ranked 424 out of 16,236 companies globally.

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