Our reusable packaging solutions for fish and seafood

The reusable and recyclable IFCO Fish Crates are suitable for all types of automated systems and specifically designed to transport chilled and frozen fish and seafood from ship to point of sale (POS). Our nestable and stackable reusable packaging solutions cover all your modern supply chain needs and meet current and expected environmental legislation.

ifco reusable fish crate

Fish and seafood crate

Reusable and recyclable fish and seafood crates

As with all IFCO RPCs, the Coral and Marina Fish Crates are part of the IFCO SmartCycle pooling system and are suitable for automated processes. The technical features of both reusable packaging containers (RPCs) offer many advantages compared to traditional single-use packaging solutions and expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes.

Crucially, our reusable, 100% recyclable fish crates comply with current and expected environmental legislation. With IFCO Fish Crates, you help protect the environment. There is no packaging waste, as the IFCO RPCs are reused and recycled and there is less product damage or spoilage compared to single-use packaging alternatives.

ifco reusable fish crate

Both Coral and Marina have a very robust and durable design to ensure better product protection for a longer shelf life. Our fish crates also allow a higher filling capacity and higher numbers of RPCs per pallet.

And then there are the labor and sustainability advantages of the IFCO Fish Crates.The standardized ergonomic RPCs for fish and seafood make them easy to handle, ensuring better working conditions for logistics personnel.

Chile Series

  • Una manera rentable de transportar sus productos de manera segura
  • El sistema de agrupamiento hace que no sea necesario invertir capital en los RPC
  • No se requiere espacio de almacenamiento para los RPC no usados

Coral Fish Crate

  • The most efficient way to transport and sell fresh and frozen fish and seafood
  • The most stackable design on the market
  • More sustainable and stronger than expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes
  • Designed to meet high hygiene standards and prevent cross contamination

Marina Fish Crate

  • Double-wall isothermal construction for superior insulation
  • Track-and-trace Bluetooth Low Energy tags enable real-time data collection and valuable insights at every stage of the supply chain
  • More sustainable and stronger than expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes
  • Tight-fitting lid and rigid, robust design protect product quality and freshness

5 reason to choose reusable IFCO Fish Crates for chilled and fresh fish and seafood

rpc optimal design

Product-specific design

IFCO Fish Crates are designed to transport fish and seafood throughout the supply chain, from fishing vessel to point of sale.

Robust and durable, both types of IFCO RPCs withstand the harsh onboard storage conditions and are ideal for fish packed in ice, both before and after processing. Available in two designs, Marina Fish Crate and Coral Fish Crate, with or without drainage systems.

warehouse efficent

Efficient handling

All sizes are compatible with each other. The IFCO Fish Crates have interlocking features to stop the top tray from sliding when stacked and ergonomic handles for easier lifting and carrying.

ifco icon reusable packaging solutions

and hygienic

Designed to meet high hygiene requirements and prevent cross-contamination, IFCO Fish Crates are cleaned in a process that includes washing, disinfecting and thorough drying.

Our SmartGuardian™ technology monitors every step, ensuring each stage meets exacting standards. Independent auditors complete further checks.

ifco highest quality

Regulatory compliance

Restrictions on single-use containers and bans on expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging are on the increase.

Switching to reusable fish crates ensures that your packaging choices are in line with current environmental standards and legislation that is expected in the future.

ifco environmental health


All IFCO RPCs, including IFCO Fish Crates, are reusable and recyclable and are shared and reused through the innovative and efficient IFCO SmartCycle circular pooling system.

Overall, IFCO RPCs produce up to 60% less CO2 and 86% less solid waste compared to single-use packaging alternatives. They also use 64% less energy and 80% less water than single-use packaging. Using IFCO Fish Crates to transport chilled and fresh fish and seafood eliminates the need for expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes and single-use packaging that can harm our natural environment. In addition, when empty, the crates are nestable and stackable, saving storage space and transport costs.

Choose your champion of the sea: IFCO Fish Crates Coral and Marina.

Why do we offer two fish crates? There are different demands on reusable packaging containers depending on your supply chain needs. Both cover the overall high-quality requirements for the fish industry and offer significant benefits over single-use packaging and expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes – they are specifically designed for fish and seafood, hygienic, easy to use and sustainable. On top of these common advantages each model of IFCO Fish Crate comes with added benefits on top.

reusable fish crare

The smart Marina Fish Crate

The Marina Fish Crate enables track-and-tracing systems in your modern supply chain, so you know the temperature of your fresh products at every stage of the supply chain

  • Tight-fitting lid, interlocking surfaces and easy-to-use strapping system allows secure packing and stacking for transportation
  • Double-wall isothermal construction for superior insulation
  • Smart packaging solution with BLE track-and-tracing tags and QR codes
coral reusable fish crate

The robust Coral Fish Crate

The Coral Fish Crate has a sturdy, robust and standardized design, just like Marina. It’s also available in four different sizes, with or without drainage systems, and they can all stack efficiently and securely together.

  • The most stackable design on the market
  • More sustainable and much stronger than expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes
  • Designed to ship frozen fish as well as chilled and fresh products
marina reusable fish crate

Marina Fish Crate: so smart and chilled

Marina is a digital native! And a great catch for the seafood supply chain.

Learn more

coral reusable fish crate

Coral Fish Crate: four options

Going fishing? Make sure you take Coral with you. He’s great with all kinds of fish and seafood – and she doesn’t get seasick.

Learn more

If you’re still not sure which one is best for your needs, get in touch. We’re happy to help you make the right sustainable packaging choice.

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1. How does it work with the IFCO fish crates? 

We have a more cost-efficient solution for you than single-use packaging. Our reusable fish crates are part of the IFCO SmartCycle pooling system, which means we take care of them for you. We deliver washed crates to your door when you need them. You use our crates to transport your chilled and frozen seafood to the point of sale (POS) and we’ll pick them up again from the wholesalers or retailers.

You don’t have to worry about anything else. We’ll take care of the cleaning of our reusable fish crates in our state-of-the-art IFCO Service Centers, just as we do with all our reusable packaging containers (RPCs). And then we’ll send them out again to you and other popular fishing ports. You don’t buy our RPCs, you use our SmartCycle "share and reuse" model. 

2. Will the IFCO fish crates help us comply with legislation on single-use packaging waste? And will they reduce our carbon emissions?  

As governments continue to tighten restrictions on single-use containers and impose bans on expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging, switching to reusable fish crates ensures that your packaging choices align with current and future environmental standards.

Switching completely to our reusable fish crates eliminates expanded polystyrene waste from single-use crates in your supply chain – and reduces waste in our oceans and seas. With a lifespan of up to 120 uses, and full recyclability at the end of life, our fish crates support the circular economy.

What’s more, the IFCO SmartCycle pooling system is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the fresh grocery supply chain.  When you take the full life cycle of IFCO RPCs into account, studies show that they generate up to 60% less CO2e, 86% less solid waste and use fewer natural resources, namely 80% less water and 64% less energy.   Learn more

3. What happens if the IFCO Fish Crate is damaged or broken?

We’ve designed our fish crates to be robust and last for years. If the unexpected happens and you spot a damaged crate, let us know. Whatever you do, don’t throw it away. We’ll send you a replacement and we’ll make sure that our fish crates are 100% recycled to get a chance at a second life!  

4. Why do you offer two types of reusable fish crates? And how do I know which one is best for me? Coral or Marina?  

Two crates are better than one! Both are customized specifically for the challenges of today’s fishing industry and are suitable for chilled and frozen seafood products. Both meet high hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination during transport and storage.  

Do you want a sturdy, standardized design with the option of four different sizes that can stack together? One that is the most stackable reusable fish crate on the market? Are you shipping frozen fish as well as chilled products? Then you should be looking at Coral.  

Do you want a state-of-the-art, stackable isothermal crate with a tight-fitting lid and a Bluetooth tag that enables track and tracing? Are you transporting chilled fresh fish and seafood? Then you should be looking at Marina.  

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