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To save you time and money, IFCO offers a range of digital services – and we continue to innovate. We help you manage your pooling assets with less effort, so you can operate more efficiently.

Digitalization and automation in the food industry

In the food industry, digital processes and automation increase precision, convenience and productivity, and they help lower unit costs. Above all, such investment and development aim to ensure the highest possible food safety. With MyIFCO™ and other IFCO online tools, we continue to expand our digital services to support these goals. Our online tools and mobile capabilities reduce the effort you need to manage your reusable packaging container (RPC) assets – which saves you time and money.

Through innovation at every step of the IFCO SmartCycle, we ease your workload. And the stable construction and standardized footprint of IFCO RPCs enable automation, which is key to fast and economical food distribution.

Digitalization and automation go hand in hand. As technology plays an increasingly important role in the food supply chain, you need a reliable partner who is equipped for both of these game-changing trends.

IFCO RPCs are optimal for automated processes

The right packaging is critical for efficient operation of warehouse automation. Only proper methods of handling, transport, storage and retail display ensure the highest level of food safety and prevent costly product damage and waste.

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Increasing efficiency along the food supply chain

Your digital journey with IFCO online begins at MyIFCO™ – your individual customer account area. MyIFCO™ makes managing your pooling processes simpler overall. You can carry out the entire administration of IFCO RPCs in one place, including online ordering, inventory and recollection. Be assured that hosting and security are central topics for IFCO online. Your data is secure.

Your benefits:

  • IFCO login is easy. Access this password-protected service at no cost using your customer ID
  • No software download is needed
  • Available in more than 20 languages
  • MyIFCO™ gives you direct contact to local customer service
  • You can adapt our clearing service according to your needs
  • Our corporate finance and inventory management interface is SAP R/3
  • MyIFCO™ offers a simple layout and easy-to-use navigation, along with intelligent search functions and file download possibilities

Other MyIFCO™ functions allow you to register the movements of your orders to retail shop level. As a retailer, you can track how many RPCs are on the premises and have been recollected by IFCO, for instance. This helps to identify potential inefficiencies or losses along your supply chain.

Ordering of RPCs

MyIFCO™ Online Ordering lets you order IFCO RPCs using any digital device.

Your benefits:

  • Process multiple orders simultaneously
  • Pre-set parameters including "My Favorites" guide you when selecting models, quantities and dates
  • View all outstanding orders and scheduled deliveries at a glance in the calendar view
  • Return your surplus IFCO RPCs easily
  • No investment required and no training needed

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Recollection of RPCs

MyIFCO™ recollect brings recollection and inspection functions to your smartphone.

Your benefits:

  • Scan stacks quickly– or even mixed pallets – to effortlessly count and identify IFCO RPCs for recollection
  • Allocate full truckloads correctly with pre-set parameters
  • Streamline inventory management of IFCO RPCs that have been returned to service centers
  • MyIFCO™ recollect makes managing your pooling assets easier than ever

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Cleaning processes

SmartGuardian™ guarantees precision cleaning and disinfection of IFCO RPCs.

Your benefits:

  • SmartGuardian™ monitors our fully automated washing and sanitation processes, then produces a report on all parameters
  • IFCO stores wash data to give you a pallet-level audit trail for food safety
  • Our high-tech monitoring assures you that products avoid contamination through

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IFCO digitalization: using technology where it makes sense

We use sensor-based technology for RPCs recognition where it makes sense for your business. Our state-of-the-art IT systems make it easy to manage your equipment pool. These include a web-based clearing system, planning and simulation tools to optimize logistics. We let you customize the level of digital sophistication for your own business needs.

Increasing efficiency along the food supply chain

Along the food supply chain, many of our customers are increasingly basing their operations and services on digital technologies, and in doing so, increasing transparency for consumers. Digital farming uses robotics, sensors and satellite systems. Tracking of fresh produce shipments continues through radio frequency identification (RFID), cellular or satellite technology in logistics operations. In automated warehouses, robots and conveyors perform sorting and order picking. Many retailers are also automating processes and using data analysis to more accurately forecast demand.

For each of these steps, IFCO’s growing catalogue of digital services improve efficiency, support a more integrated business flow and help ensure food safety. Our growing range of interconnected and online services also help you work faster – and we continue to innovate. Developing state-of-the-art digital services such as MyIFCO™ and data connectivity give IFCO the flexibility to better meet, respond to, or even anticipate, your needs and wishes. Every day, we at IFCO work hard to give you the best customer experience possible.

Driving innovation for a better supply chain

Our products are among the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market, saving natural resources and offering various sustainable benefits. But IFCO is not only leading in terms of sustainability – we are also a truly innovative company and a pioneer in the digitalization of the supply chain.

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