IFCO reusable packaging solutions for the fresh food supply chain

IFCO has the most extensive product range of pooled reusable packaging solutions of any provider. We offer Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) to suit all types of fresh food, in multiple sizes, with optimized solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables, bananas, meat, fish and seafood, eggs and baked goods.

IFCO RPCs – sturdy, highly ventilated, foldable, stackable and sustainable

Robust, highly ventilated and unaffected by moisture in the supply chain, IFCO RPCs are designed specifically to transport fresh products. The optimal ventilation in our RPCs ensures a rapid and uniform cooling rate for fresh products and a better temperature control in transit, extending shelf life in the process.

Third-party studies confirm that our RPCs significantly reduce product damage, as well as food loss and waste in the retail supply chain, ensuring maximum cost-efficiencies and improving the environmental and social impact of retailers.

Standardized and compatible

All our RPCs are standardized so that they stack securely while taking up the minimum amount of space. This means less product damage in transit, fewer trucks on the road, and a safer, more efficient supply chain.

  • Standardized footprint
  • Compatible with all IFCO RPCs
  • Compatible with all standard pallets
  • Ideal for automated system

Sturdy construction

  • Lower mechanical damage (crushing and bruising)
  • Product weight supported by RPC structure
  • Rigid construction unaffected by moisture
  • Secure corner latches provide stability
  • Ergonomic design

Secure stacking

  • Less damage during packaging, stacking and transport
  • Interlocking design
  • Builds a stable pallet
  • Ergonomic handling for easier stacking
  • Pallet stability not affected by moisture

Operate more sustainably

  • Reusable over many years, eliminating waste
  • After useful life, material is recycled into new RPCs
  • Less packing material required
  • Reduced waste, pollution and use of natural resources

IFCO Lift Lock: the only RPC Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

Our entire portfolio of European Lift Lock RPCs — optimized for fruit and vegetables, meat and baked goods — is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver, making us the first and only company to offer reusable containers with this certification. In the category of Material Reutilization, this range was awarded the Gold rating.

The Cradle to Cradle Certified® Products Program is one of the most prestigious sustainability certifications for products around the world and across industries.

This globally recognized certification is independent verification of our long-standing commitment to the circular economy and the result of our holistic approach to designing, producing, sharing and recycling reusable packaging solutions for the world’s fresh food supply chain. It is confirmation that our European Lift Lock RPCs are reusable long term, 100% recyclable and present no risk to human health or the environment.

What makes IFCO RPCs superior?

IFCO RPCs provide optimal protection for fresh products

IFCO RPCs provide optimal protection for fresh products. Their rigid construction and ventilated sidewalls ensure minimal damage and optimal airflow through the supply chain, providing the highest quality product in store.

All our RPCs are standardized so that they stack securely while taking up the minimum amount of space. This means less product damage in transit, fewer trucks on the road, and a safe, more efficient supply chain. We also work closely with our customers to improve our product range as part of IFCO’s research and development program.

Better ventilation

Designed for excellent ventilation, IFCO RPCs cool fresh foods faster and help maintain a more consistent temperature than single-use packaging throughout the supply chain – from producer to Point of Sale (POS).

RPCs ensure for fresh food to ripen at a controlled rate, for the maximum possible shelf-life. Our RPCs’ superior temperature control benefits all types of fresh produce, which translates into longer shelf-life, less food waste and higher sales.

Faster cooling and more stable temperature

IFCO RPCs are proven to extend the shelf life of fresh produce, enhancing saleability by boosting quality, appearance and appeal. In a series of studies, IFCO RPCs kept the fresh produce in better condition for longer than the single-use packaging – yet another reason why our RPCs make better sense for retailers and growers.

  • Maintains maximum product freshness and quality throughout the supply chain
  • Faster and more consistent cooling
  • Better temperature control during transport
  • Helps maintain proper temperature at central warehouse
  • Fresher product in store

Optimal humidity – optimal fresh produce

Five percent higher relative humidity keeps fruit and vegetables plumper, juicier and fresher for longer. In 2013, an independent study carried out by the University of Bonn and the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics found that RPCs prevented a significant amount of damage to fresh produce in transit.

"When extrapolated to the current market situation, it was estimated that around 36,000 tons of fruit and vegetables, with a market value of €68 million, are damaged when disposable packaging is used exclusively," the report concluded.

Why shoppers, growers and retailers prefer RPCs

In studies, shoppers overwhelmingly preferred RPCs when they compared fruit and vegetables displayed in single-use packaging with those displayed in RPCs. In order of importance, here are the factors shoppers said mattered most: quality, freshness, price.

50% of shoppers considered fresh produce displayed in IFCO RPCs to appear higher in quality and freshness, compared to single-use packaging.

IFCO RPCs don’t only appeal to shoppers. They make financial sense for growers and retailers too. They are stronger than disposable packaging and protect your produce better. They help cool fresh food faster and keep it in better condition. And when empty, they fold and stack economically, saving space and helping reduce transport and environmental costs.

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