We are redefining the fresh grocery supply chain

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Sustainability is at the heart of our company and in the soul of our people. We know that everything we do has an impact. That’s why we are committed to doing business thoughtfully.

We started our Reusable Packaging Container (RPC) pooling system way back in 1992 because we knew there was a better way to deliver fresh food.

We believe that with constant innovation, limitless empathy and partnerships rooted in trust, we can achieve great things. Disrupt the status quo. Reimagine old ways of thinking. Change the world even. One crate at a time.

’30 years of thinking inside the crate‘

The year was 1992. Everyone was listening to Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you’. McDonald’s opened its largest branch in Beijing. IBM developed the first smartphone. And there was a grand total of 25 websites – in the whole world – by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, a company called IFCO – daring to dream differently – launched in a small town in Germany.

That’s right – it’s our birthday! We are all so excited to celebrate 30 years of redefining the fresh grocery supply chain. For three decades now, our mission has been to make the fresh grocery supply chain sustainable. We’ve been doing this by providing leading-edge reusable packaging solutions and by tenaciously and thoughtfully innovating. And it all started with looking inside the crate – envisioning how it could be refined, to transport fresh products in the most efficient yet sustainable way possible.

We wouldn’t have made it this far though, if it hadn’t been for the people that we met along the way…

…our incredible customers and stakeholders with whom we have developed lasting relationships enabling mutual growth.

…our people – they are the ones who take the company’s mission to heart and make it real every single day.

We are proud of how far we have come – and we are definitely going to take a moment to celebrate it – but we are already looking forward to what the future holds. Slow down? Not our style. We are ready to take on new challenges that push us to the edge because we believe it takes us closer to achieving our mission.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us become what we are today. Onwards to the next 30!

We’re a movement to transform the fresh grocery supply chain

Our mission has been neon-clear from day one: to make the fresh grocery supply chain sustainable. It is the fuel that drives us forward and grounds us.

We think sharing and reusing should be the norm rather than the exception. Mindful production and consumption all the way. That’s why we champion the circular economy model – use fewer resources, optimize efficiency, create greater value. All the stuff that’s good for your business and kind to our planet.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to minimize our impact on the environment – read more about our sustainability strategy

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We’re leading the way in sustainability

We’ve been empowering our customers around the world to take the next step in their sustainable journey for 30 years already. We provide high-efficiency reusable packaging solutions that enable our customers to cut down on waste, optimize food safety and increase savings.

We are proud of how far we’ve come but complacency is what leads to dead houseplants. That’s why we are constantly upping the stakes for ourselves. We’re driving sustainable, customer-led innovation in the fresh grocery supply chain.

And we’re on a mission to eliminate food waste and replace single-use packaging in the supply chain. We are setting the standards in our industry – and take every opportunity to shout it out from the rooftops. And really, why shouldn’t we?

We don’t just provide packaging solutions – we help you reach your sustainable goals

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By the people, for the people – always

At the forefront of our movement to transform the fresh grocery supply chain – are our people. Sure, we make great products and services but what really sets us apart is our attitude and the way we partner with our customers. Armed with heaps of conviction and unrivalled expertise, we are committed to listening to you and what your business needs. We also happen to have the largest footprint and network of any RPC provider – present in 5 continents – which means we speak your language.

Meet the IFCO Leadership Team

Michael Pooley

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Julian zu Putlitz

Chief Financial Officer

Babak Yazdani

Chief Operating Officer

Suzana Stanimirovic

President North America

Francesca Amadei

VP Southern Europe

Christoph Trixl

VP North Central Europe

Marcos Martinez de Hoz

VP Latin America

Daniel Schellenberg


Sebastian Grams

Chief Digital Officer

Iñigo Canalejo

VP ESG & Strategic Marketing

Kare Heikkila

Chief Information Officer

Benedict Schulte zur Hausen

Director PMO

Cornelius Antor

General Counsel

Carolin Mantel

VP Global HR

Gina Yan

Country Manager IFCO China

Kotaro Endo

President Japan

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