IFCO - Delivering fresher food since 1992

IFCO was the first company to develop an outsourced Reusable Packaging Container (RPC) pooling system for fresh fruit and vegetables, back in 1992. Today, we provide unrivaled levels of customer support via our network of local offices and a team of over 1250 employees worldwide.

Our sustainable RPC solutions maximize efficiency and protect products to ensure the safe delivery of fresh food every day. Our services cover every aspect of RPC management, from delivering clean containers to producers to collecting them from retailers, to cleaning and sanitizing them again, ready for redistribution. With customers in over 50+ countries and with more RPCs in circulation worldwide than any other supplier, IFCO can supply whatever your business demands.

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Why the world’s biggest RPC supplier is your best partner for growth

As the world’s leading supplier of reusable packaging containers, only IFCO can support your business wherever you and your suppliers are – and wherever the future may take you.

Our people speak your language. And they are experts in your local market too: aware of how your business is affected by the seasons, local culture and the particular challenges of your sector.

We have close working relationships with more than 15.000+ food producers – in every category, from fruit and vegetables to meat and fish to bakery goods – and with more than 300 retailers. We work continuously with all our customers to find ways to improve their operational efficiency and reduce their overall costs.

Only IFCO offers such a wide range of pooled equipment and solutions, with over 70+ models of RPCs. We have RPCs to suit every type of fruit and vegetable, including one designed specifically for bananas. And we have other RPCs optimized for meat, fish, eggs and baked goods.

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Global scale, local expertise: the support your business needs, where you need it

With a network of local offices and over 1250 employees worldwide, at IFCO we are there for your business. When and wherever you need us!

Largest footprint and network

We have the largest footprint and network of any RPC provider in the world, delivering fresh produce daily to customers on all five continents.

  • Global market leader
  • Customers in 50+ countries
  • 93 service centers
  • 1250 employees
  • Global pool of 325+ million RPCs

We mitigate your business risks

Our wide variety of solutions and services gives us the greatest capabilities to support our customers with their RPC requirements.

  • Wash capacity of 2.3+ billion units annually
  • Production capacity 63+ million units annually
  • Strictly-enforced global standards
  • Global workforce safety and labor law standards

Trusted by the world’s top retailers

Retailers have trusted our unmatched ability to deliver a better supply chain for more than 25 years.

  • Largest RPC pooling services company globally
  • 25+ years of experience
  • Trusted by the world’s top producers and retailers

What we stand for — Our purpose

As the pioneer in reusable packaging for fresh products, we are transforming the world’s grocery supply chain and making it more sustainable, prosperous, resilient and safe.

How we support you — Our expertise

We provide standardized reusable packaging solutions that carry fresh groceries from producers to consumers, maintaining fresh food quality and safety. We care deeply about the impact our operations have on the environment and the global community and so never compromise on food quality, food safety, ethical standards or environmental sustainability.

Our pooling scale and industry standardization reduces the overall financial and environmental cost to the planet. Our approach minimizes food waste, reduces labor waste and generates efficiencies along the fresh supply chain. It’s how we ensure sustainable growth for all customers and stakeholders. Our solutions are reusable, recyclable — and also digital.

What we believe in — Our passion

We strive for excellence and transparency across our global operations. It’s how we build and maintain trust with our customers and stakeholders. We abide by our rigorous environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) responsibilities.

Management team

Michael Pooley

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Julian zu Putlitz

Chief Financial Officer

Candice Herndon

President North America

Kare Heikkila

Chief Information Officer

Francesca Amadei

VP Southern Europe

Christoph Trixl

VP North Central Europe

Marcos Martinez de Hoz

VP Latin America

Masashi Okada

President Japan

Angela Yang

Country Manager China

Michael Meierhöfer

VP Sales, New Market Verticals

Daniela Carbone

VP Global Marketing

Iñigo Canalejo


Thomas Albrecht

VP Service Center Operations

Günter Germann

VP Logistics & Operational Planning

Anastasios Papadopoulos

VP Asset Productivity & Logistics Execution

Carolin Mantel

VP Global HR

Veaceslav Driglov

Chief Digital officer

Cornelius Antor

General Counsel

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