Discover the benefits of using IFCO RPCs

With the IFCO pooling system, our customers share RPCs in a continuous loop, using them as and when they need them. This helps our customers reduce costs and lower their environmental impact, while saving time and storage space.

IFCO RPCs are standardized so they work best with automated systems

Reduce costs and drive savings with IFCO RPCs

As a company increases its use of IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs), it sees more efficient handling and use of space as well as a reduction in product damage and food waste. .

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Food quality with RPCs

Using IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) ensures the safe transport of perishable foods and lengthens their shelf life. This is good news for food quality, as a higher percentage of fresh produce reaches the Point of Sale (POS) intact and they remain fresh longer.

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Reduce environmental impact by using IFCO RPCs

Our products use fewer natural resources than disposable alternatives throughout their lifecycle, from the energy and materials used in their manufacture through cleaning and repair to eventual recycling. And because they perform better in transit – stacking securely and maintaining their structural rigidity – they offer indirect environmental benefits, too.

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Calculate your benefits

Calculate your environmental savings by using IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) in your fresh supply chain with our Environmental Impact Reduction Estimator.

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IFCO’s one-touch system saves you space, time and money

IFCO RPCs go straight from producer to Point of Sale (POS), reducing labor, storage space and packaging waste along the way. Quick and easy to replace in fresh produce departments, saving you time and money.

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MyIFCO™ - Digital services made for you

To save you time and money, IFCO offers a range of digital services – and we continue to innovate. We help you manage your pooling assets with less effort, so you can operate more efficiently.

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