IFCO RPCs are optimal for automated processes

The right packaging is critical for efficient operation of warehouse automation. Only proper methods of handling, transport, storage and retail display ensure the highest level of food safety and prevent costly product damage and waste. Key features make IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) the perfect choice for high-volume logistics centers for groceries.

Boost warehouse automation performance with IFCO RPCs

High-tech solutions make the entire food supply chain more efficient and cost-effective, and particularly in high-volume operations, warehouse automation is synonymous with precision and speed. IFCO RPCs are standardized, stackable and robust. They pave the way for robotics and warehouse automation. Particularly during distribution and handling processes for fresh produce, sturdy packaging is essential. Durable IFCO RPCs are optimal for automated processes because they remain stable despite extreme swings in moisture and temperature.

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A perfect match for warehouse automation

All of our RPC models guarantee the same standardized footprint and have an interlocking design, so even stacks of various produce types don’t tilt. In high-bay shelves, where crates are stacked several meters tall, the last thing you want is for a box to collapse or give way under the weight in the stack. An interlocking design is one of the key characteristics that make IFCO RPCs optimal for warehouse automation:

  • Durable material: Withstands temperature and moisture extremes

  • Sturdy construction: Protects products in tall stacks

  • Securely stackable: Avoids tilting and slippage

  • Moisture-resistant: Maintains shape and size despite high humidity

  • Optimal ventilation: Efficient cooling and temperature regulation

  • Precise dimensions: Essential for scanning and recognition

  • High compatibility: Minimal deviation between product generations

  • Standardized footprint: Essential for high volume operations

  • Base configuration: Provides smooth passage on rollers or conveyors

  • Large range of models: Transports wide range of products

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Why IFCO reusable plastic containers are optimal for warehouse automation

Sturdy, stackable, and standardized containers work best with automated systems. And IFCO RPCs offer these advantages.

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Step by step to greater efficiency

Taking a closer look at the operations inside the distribution center makes it clear how and why using standardized reusable containers improves efficiency. At every step in the system, from arrival to order picking and dispatch, the characteristics of IFCO RPCs present a range of benefits.


Pallets stacked with IFCO RPCs arrive at a logistics center. This eliminates the need to repackage produce.


As the crates move through the system, scanners read the bar codes, identifying the type of RPC and its content. This ensures seamless track and trace of shipments.


Produce in IFCO RPCs is stored in refrigerated or ambient conditions. Shape and size of IFCO RPCs are maintained despite high humidity, which can reach up to 80%.


The system follows each container throughout the process. Precise dimensions of IFCO RPCs guarantee that the system recognizes sales units.


Robots and conveyors separate the shipment into individual sales units. Standardized dimensions of IFCO RPCs ensure efficient handling.

Conveyor transport

The configuration of the base of the IFCO RPCs ensures smooth passage over rollers or conveyors.

High-bay storage

Sales units in IFCO RPCs are identified by date and their position in the shelves. Crates are stacked securely, and products are protected even in tall stacks.


Picking orders in IFCO RPCs for the outfeed is fast, cost-effective and accurate, as crates are easy to handle and palletize.

Your trusted technology partner

As a global market leader in reusable packaging, IFCO offers high levels of product compatibility and standardization. Our technical support cooperates closely with you, along with design engineers and automated systems manufacturers during planning, construction, testing and launch. This ensures that your conveyors and automated warehouse systems are compatible with IFCO RPCs and visa-versa. Following installation, we offer ongoing support to make sure all systems continue to operate smoothly.

As participants in the food supply chain, you know that most fresh products are very delicate, spoil quickly and are easily damaged. Only proper methods of handling, transport, storage and retail display ensure the highest level of food safety and prevent costly product damage and waste.

Food quality with RPCs

Using IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) ensures the safe transport of perishable foods and lengthens their shelf life. This is good news for food quality, as a higher percentage of fresh produce reaches the Point of Sale (POS) intact and they remain fresh longer.

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Through ongoing research and product development, IFCO supports growers and retailers seeking to deliver fresher, healthier food to the world while ensuring their operations are as cost-effective as possible.

Contact us today – we would be happy to work with you to develop packaging solutions for your products that are compatible with warehouse automation.

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