Driving innovation for a better supply chain

Our products are among the most sustainable packaging solutions on the market, saving natural resources and offering various sustainable benefits. But IFCO is not only leading in terms of sustainability – we are also a truly innovative company and a pioneer in the digitalization of the supply chain.

Innovation – the basis of our success

Innovation is the basis of our business success – and this is not without reason: We have filed a total of 1,174 patents to continuously improve our products and create innovative new supply chain solutions. But IFCO does not innovate just for innovation’s sake. We cooperate closely with our customers to find out what they really need. We directly pass-on the innovative strength of our state-of-the-art products to customers and partners to create a better supply chain for all – and we continue to innovate.

IFCO innovates in three areas

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Our sustainable and innovative reusable packaging containers (RPCs)

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Innovation in every step of the SmartCycle™ model of circular economy – from delivery to washing and storage of RPCs

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Digital solutions for increased efficiency thorough the supply chain

Innovative packaging solutions for various industries

IFCO RPCs are among the most innovative packaging solutions on the market. IFCO RPCs are used according to the SmartCycle™ model of circular economy, which not only reduces costs and resource consumption but also increases supply chain efficiency. Our crates also boast a multitude of innovative features to avoid product damage and to optimize workflows.

The IFCO RPCs range

IFCO has extensive experience in RPCs not only for fruit and vegetables but also for other products like bread, meat, fish, eggs, and bananas. This experience enables us to develop state-of-the-art products and services that perfectly meet our customers’ demands. In total, we offer over 70 different RPC models and sizes – and we keep improving them continuously.

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Close customer cooperation

IFCO improves its product and service portfolio as part of a continuous research and development program. The basis for this is our customers. We work closely and continuously with all our customers to help them improve their supply chain performance, optimize the way they work with our equipment, and reduce costs.

That’s why our products are not only created just for the sake of it – but to perfectly meet real demands. We listen to our customers, we collaborate with them, and we provide the solutions they really need. New products are first tested with customers before they are made widely available.

Product innovation to meet real demands

IFCO has filed 1,174 patents over the past 20 years that form the basis for the company’s top position as a German innovation leader. These patents include:

  • The Lift Lock mechanism which is the most consumer-friendly and ergonomic solution for opening and closing plastic crates, drastically optimizing handling in shops and warehouses

  • Optimal ventilation to increase the shelf life of fresh produce and reduce product waste by 96%

  • Reduced folding height of RPCs to maximize usage and reduce CO2 emissions by allowing for more crates per truck load

  • By patenting and re-designing the bottom of our RPCs, we were able to optimize picking processes and support automation


IFCO awarded as German Innovation Leader

IFCO SYSTEMS, the leading global provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh foods, has been recognized by the F.A.Z. Institute as an innovation leader in Germany.

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Future-proof your supply chain with digital solutions by IFCO

IFCO has anticipated the high demand for digital service solutions that companies are requiring in order to increase efficiency and stay competitive. More and more supply chain processes are being digitized, which poses great challenges but also brings great opportunities for companies. IFCO’s advanced digital services are easy to implement and enable customers to streamline their processes and operate more efficiently.

  • MyIFCO™ allows customers to manage their complete pooling processes and administration of IFCO RPCs, including online ordering, deposit transactions, inventory and recollection

  • MyIFCO™ Online Ordering enables easy and comfortable ordering of RPCs using any digital device

  • MyIFCO™ Recollect will soon bring recollection and inspection functions to customers’ smartphones

  • SmartGuardian™ guarantees precision cleaning and disinfection of IFCO RPCs to meet highest hygiene standards

MyIFCO™ - Digital services made for you

To save you time and money, IFCO offers a range of digital services – and we continue to innovate. We help you manage your pooling assets with less effort, so you can operate more efficiently.

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An innovative supply chain for everyone

Our innovative products, services and digital solutions offer a better supply chain for all. Producers and retailers get the products they really need to meet their demands and master the challenges ahead. IFCO’s innovative power allows companies to make their supply chains future-proof for what lies ahead – digitalization, automation and ever-increasing consumer demands.

Last but not least, IFCO’s innovative strength also carries through to end-consumers, who can enjoy the freshest, healthiest products and a great shopping experience. This increases both customer satisfaction and revenue.

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