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Calculate your environmental savings by using IFCO Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) in your fresh supply chain with our Environmental Impact Reduction Estimator.

IFCO Environmental Impact Reduction Estimator

This tool provides an estimate of the average impact reduction to the environment when using RPCs instead of single-use packaging in the fresh produce supply chain.

The results are estimated averages of CO2 emissions, water consumption and solid waste. We have converted the estimated savings results to more familiar equivalents noted below:

  • Number of cars off the road
  • Water savings based on 5 minute showers
  • Amount of solid waste based on an individuals daily trash

Environmental Reduction Estimator

about this tool

About this tool

Estimates are based on the following studies: Carbon Footprint of Food Packaging, conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute; Comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Reusable Packaging Containers and Corrugate Containers, conducted by Franklin Associates - ISO14040/44 and peer reviewed; Determination of spoilage levels of fresh fruit and vegetables according to the type of packaging conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute.

IFCO RPCs shipped

0 cars
off the road per year

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less peoples daily trash

less 5 minutes showers

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Our Sustainability Certificate

We annually estimate the overall impact of using IFCO RPCs and share a sustainability certificate with our customers, highlighting the environmental savings they have contributed by using IFCO RPCs in their supply chains.

ifco sustainability certificate

IFCO RPCs and the SmartCycle form the foundation of a circular economy that benefits everyone – from producers and retailers to consumers and the natural environment. Learn more about our sustainable approach and certificate.
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