Ways to Increase Merchandising Impact with RPCs

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 21st September 2017, in Stories

76% of consumers surveyed said they prefer fresh produce displayed in RPCs.

Shoppers perceive RPCs to contain produce that is of a fresh, higher quality, even displayed as you normally would display cardboard boxes. However, due to their sturdy structure and ability to stack, RPCs offer more creative options for your displays. RPCs can be displayed just as they arrive with little to no added set-up time, and they even offer multifunctional packaging solutions to suit your stores format and differing commodity values.

Here are 4 ways that retailers can use RPCs to increase merchandising impact:

Divide Product Within a Container

If you carry a lower produce inventory, RPC interior dividers will allow you to separate small commodities into 2 or 4 separate areas within one RPC. Think of RPCs as an all-in-one merchandising vehicle that serves as both packaging and a flexible merchandising display that can be adjusted according to your volume and display needs at the time of receipt.

Add Branded Displays

If your goal is to increase fresh produce sales, you can capture consumers ‘attention through attractive, value-added displays without sacrificing cost or creating additional waste. Add your logo, branding and messages to a variety of RPC wraps which are made to easily attach to your existing stacked RPCs.

Attach a Sign with Consumer-Friendly Language

Retailers can also use signage to make product more appealing to the consumer through messaging like "vine-ripe" or "picked fresh." Channel signs are made to easily clip and attach to RPC walls.

Tell Shoppers RPCs are Shipped Direct from the Farm

In addition to adding creative produce displays to your store’s fresh produce department, retailers can increase positive perceptions of RPCs and their produce display by communicating directly with shoppers. RPC displays indicate to shoppers that the retailer has made an effort to arrange their produce in an attractive manner, and this additional care transfers to perceptions of quality and freshness.

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