Our Zero Harm program

IFCO is part of a continuous improvement program that aims to achieve Zero Harm in all our business areas: environment, people, company.

At IFCO, we aim for:

  • Zero environmental damage by providing inherently sustainable products and services
  • Zero injuries to our employees and everyone working with IFCO RPCs
  • Zero detrimental impact on human rights by adhering to the highest global standards in workforce safety and diversity.

The IFCO business model is inherently sustainable because it’s based on the sharing, reuse and repair of equipment – we call this our SmartCycle, which you will learn more about below.

IFCO SmartCycle - A circular approach

IFCO’s business model is based on the concept of circular economy. Our Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) are meant to be shared and reused for a more sustainable supply chain.

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Safety first – zero injury for everyone

IFCO RPCs are designed to keep people safe throughout the whole supply chain – our own employees as well as everyone working with our RPCs. Ergonomic grips provide for safe handling and the optimal stackability of our foldable crates keeps loads secure in transit and warehouses. All our RPCs are standardized and modular to reduce handling and sorting. And where there’s less movement, there’s a lower risk of injury.

IFCO also carries out rigorous quality assurance with each cleaning cycle to ensure our RPCs remain safe and adhere to the highest hygiene standards to keep food clean and people healthy.

IFCO is our trusted food safety partner

For IFCO, food safety is a priority. IFCO is committed to food safety and the hygiene of our reusable packaging containers (RPCs).

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