Our reusable packaging solutions for bananas

IFCO supplies a sturdy, food-safe Reusable Plastic Container (RPC) for bananas. Our Caja Oro™ crate is tough and durable, it significantly reduces product damage during transport and storage compared with single-use packaging. It’s also ideal for Point of Sale (POS) display.

Our Caja Oro™ banana RPC brings together all our industry expertise with an optimized design to give delicate bananas the protection they need on their journey from plantation to Point of Sale (POS).

IFCO RPCs protect bananas better from producer to retailer

We designed our Caja Oro™ range to create the best possible environment for bananas in transit. This RPC minimizes damage to the fruit while cooling it to an ideal, stable temperature – 41% more consistently than single-use packaging.

IFCO RPCs help the world’s retailers optimize their fresh supply chains thanks to its standardized packaging system reducing handling, storage and equipment costs by 25%. Learn more about our circular economy approach.

Our Caja Oro™ crate for bananas

Caja Oro™

  • Optimal ventilation for more consistent ripening
  • Compatible with all other IFCO RPCs for faster warehouse picking
  • One-touch transport, storage and display for speed and better product protection

5 reasons to choose IFCO RPCs for bananas

Better protection

The Caja Oro™’s interlocking design allows secure pallet-building, and because the RPCs support the load weight, the fruit sustains less compression-related damage. The strength of our RPCs – and their completely smooth interior – also reduces crown and neck damage, as well as latex staining.

 Faster cooling

RPCs cool bananas to the target 33% faster and 41% more consistently than single-use packaging can. This extends the green life of the fruit, reducing premature ripening, and allowing retailers to accept more bananas from the consignment at delivery.

Stable cooling

The unique ventilation layout that allows faster cooling also promotes controlled temperatures throughout the supply chain. Therefore, the retailer has greater control of fruit ripening and color progression, improving shelf life and visual appeal for shoppers.

Ideal for retail

Our banana RPCs go straight from plantation to Point of Sale (POS) with no unpacking or repacking. Available in two sizes, they create attractive displays in the fresh produce department, and are quick to replace, without the risk of bruising the fruit with unnecessary handling.

More sustainable

IFCO RPCs produce up to 60% less CO2 and 86% less solid waste; they also use 64% less energy and 80% less water than single-use packaging.

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IFCO’s retail-ready transport packaging solutions enable producers to optimize space, improve temperature control and protect quality into the retail distribution center. In addition, retailers can optimize distribution and merchandising, lower costs, preserve product quality and lower environmental impact. With customers in over 50 countries and with more RPCs in circulation worldwide than any other supplier, IFCO can supply whatever your business demands.