European Food Banks Federation (FEBA) selects IFCO as their official partner for Reusable Packaging Containers

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 6th October 2022, in 新闻

Munich, Germany, October 6, 2022:  FEBA has signed a 5-year partnership agreement with IFCO, the world’s leading provider of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) for fresh grocery products. With this agreement IFCO supports FEBA and its members in the mission to reduce food waste and help those in need. 

Fighting food loss and food insecurity continues to be a high priority in Europe. Every day, tons of edible surplus food is wasted and there are millions of people that cannot afford a decent meal. The purpose of FEBA and its member Food Banks is to recover and redistribute this food to organisations helping people that need it most.

The FEBA network is built on a unique redistribution model. Food Banks recover and collect food free of charge from various sources, much of which would otherwise be wasted. Food is sorted and stored at warehouses, in compliance with hygiene and food safety standards. This food is then redistributed, free of charge, to certified charities and social services organisations which support the most deprived people.

IFCO has been supporting Food Banks across Europe for many years. This five-year partnership strengthens this collaboration further by providing Food Banks with sustainable RPCs to help them in the distribution of food to charities. Throughout this partnership, twenty FEBA members in the countries where IFCO is located will benefit from the donation of 200.000 RPCs. The partnership also includes training and consultancy in logistics from IFCO, online fundraising campaigns, raising awareness events, and communication activities.

"IFCO´s packaging-as-a-service model strongly supports our efforts. Preventing food loss and waste and operating in the most sustainable way for the benefit of those organisations who are assisting people in need go hand in hand. By using IFCO RPCs, our members are able to operate more efficiently, prevent and reduce waste, and assist charities in a sustainable way" said Angela Frigo, FEBA Secretary General.

Independent scientific studies have proven RPCs help reduce food waste across the supply chain, by providing superior product protection and ventilation. Furthermore, other external studies demonstrate that IFCO´s reusable packaging reduces the negative environmental impacts associated with single-use packaging. Specifically, RPCs reduce the amount of waste, carbon emissions, and water consumption when compared to single-use packaging. With these benefits, IFCO supports FEBA and its members in the mission to reduce food waste and help those in need.

"The work that FEBA does for the community is an inspiration for all of us at IFCO. As a company, we make sustainability our purpose and strive for a thriving environmentally friendly supply chain. We are proud to complement FEBA´s efforts by providing our reusable packaging that will further protect produce, enhance their operations, reduce harmful greenhouse gases, save valuable water resources, and significantly reduce the amount of packaging waste generated", explains Inigo Canalejo, Vice President of ESG at IFCO.

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