Food Safety

Food safety: maintaining strict global standards worldwide

To our customers, food safety is paramount. So, at IFCO we require all our wash facilities to follow our strict global standards.

IFCO knows that food safety is just as important to our customers as freshness and quality. That’s why we adhere to strictly enforced standards of global hygiene and sanitation in all our wash facilities.

Our RPCs are made from #5 polypropylene (PP), typically found in reusable, microwaveable containers and kitchenware. Used properly, this material is considered one of the safest for food applications – it will not emit chemicals, harbour pathogens, or carry contaminants.

Only IFCO stores wash data to give you a pallet- level audit trail for food safety. If a contamination problem does arise somewhere in your supply chain, you’ll be able to demonstrate that your IFCO RPCs met all the necessary compliance standards before loading and distribution.

Meanwhile, our SmartCycle™ cleaning process (see below) means you can be confident that every IFCO RPC you use meets our strict global standards for hygiene.

Rigorous processes, continuously improved

IFCO uses the same washing and drying processes worldwide, in accordance with our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. These processes are subject to continuous improvement, to ensure they are as thorough and effective as possible.

IFCO follows a HACCP plan: our processes are continuously monitored electronically, with the data validated every hour

Each of our 90 RPC service centres:

  • is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, developed in collaboration with our suppliers
  • uses DiverseyTM detergents and disinfectants, keeping micro-organisms, toxic substances and other impurities at safe levels
  • is audited by independent third parties to ISO 9001 standards, ensuring consistently high quality.

All IFCO service centres use Diversey™ detergents and disinfectants, who ensures the hygiene of all IFCO RPCs washed with Diversey™ detergents and disinfectants through an integral cleaning and sanitation programme. Diversey™ has provided IFCO with a guarantee that RPCs properly cleaned and disinfected with Diversey™ agents will have residue levels of all microorganisms, toxic substances, and other impurities compliant with maximum levels established by regulations in the country of operation. 

Additionally, the use of RPCs properly cleaned and disinfected with Diversey™ agents will not result in microbial contamination or the transfer of toxic substances or other impurities (e.g. pesticide residues) from the IFCO containers to the products they contain.

The guarantee covers the following:

  • Food born pathogenic germs and toxin producing micro-organism
  • Listeria monocytogeneses
  • Salmonella
  • Eschericia coli serotypes (STEC, EHEC 0104:H4, O157:H7, 0111:H2)
  • Campylobaceter jejuni
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Influenza A virus type H5N1 “bird flu"
  • Peppino mosaic virus
  • Peppino mosaic potexvirus
  • Sigatoka Negra (Mycosphaerella fijiensis)
  • Molds
  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and their degradation products
  • Compounds belonging to different chemical families (triazines, organophosphorous, carbamates, phenylureas, neonicotinoids, etc.)