The MyIFCO™ App enables an uncomplicated digitalization of the entire supply chain

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 20th January 2020, in News

IFCO, the world’s leading provider of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) for fresh food, is presenting the final version of its MyIFCO App at Fruit Logistica, which takes place from February 5 to 7 in Berlin. The app has two main features: MyIFCO recollect for easy scanning of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) and MyIFCO order with extensive options for ordering RPCs. With its digital solutions, IFCO future-proofs its model of the circular economy. In developing the MyIFCO App, IFCO paid particular attention to making workflows easier for companies, and enabling an uncomplicated, efficient and sustainable supply chain.

Digital from order to collection

"The MyIFCO App is the first app specifically designed for the digitalization of fresh food supply chains. The app simplifies all processes for ordering and recollecting RPCs for companies along the entire supply chain", explains Wolfgang Orgeldinger, CEO at IFCO SYSTEMS.

With the MyIFCO App, IFCO enables digitalization along the entire supply chain through two main features:

MyIFCO™ recollect

With the MyIFCO App, a batch of RPCs can be easily scanned with the smartphone’s camera. The app automatically recognizes how many RPCs there are. Tedious counting to quantify the RPCs is now a thing of the past. Initially, the feature is available at IFCO service centers to quickly and easily scan recollected RPCs. In the future, MyIFCO recollect can help growers, logistics providers and retailers along the entire supply chain to scan the RPCs. This will accelerate processes and save valuable time without additional investment.

MyIFCO order

With the easy and remote ordering feature, all parties involved in the supply chain can request RPCs via smartphone or tablet. This greatly simplifies ordering for employees: if they are in the warehouse, they can order the RPCs on the move without having to return to their office. Orders can be displayed in different views (week,list) and filtered according to various criteria such as order number, RPC type or date.

In addition, users can use the quick order function to set favorites and re-place existing orders to request RPCs as easy as possible. Push notifications also keep users informed of the current order status. MyIFCO™ order app is available in 25 languages and can be used in all countries where MyIFCO Online Ordering is already available.

With the extensive digitization options of the MyIFCO App, IFCO continues to support companies in making their supply chains not only sustainable but also economicaly efficient. Initially, the MyIFCO App features recollect and order, while IFCO is working on additional functions that will supplement the app in the near future. The MyIFCO App is available for iOS and Android.

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