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Label Enforcement Program

Label Enforcement Program Letter

IFCO Systems is committed to ensuring the safe transport of food products in our Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) and meeting current food labeling requirements.

We work hard to deliver the highest quality RPCs to our customers. IFCO RPCs are recollected after each use and inspected, washed, rinsed and sanitized under our strict global hygiene and sanitation standards and returned to the pool for use again.

IFCO employs a continuous improvement process, monitoring variables that impact the delivery of a serviceable RPC to all of our customers. In collaboration with growers, retailers and label providers, IFCO has developed a list of compliant labels authorized for use on our RPCs. The use of any non-compliant label on our RPCs may result in enforcement action.

IFCO strives for excellence in all aspects of our business and is constantly working to improve our service offerings. This updated label policy allows IFCO to comply with current packaging requirements for the fresh supply chain, as well as meeting the quality expectations of our customers.   

Label and Adhesive Specification

Label and Adhesive Specification Document 

To encourage the use of compliant labels, and eliminate those who do not act in accordance with the use of compliant labels, a label and adhesive specification document has been developed to educate IFCO RPC users and label providers.

This specification document lists products and their manufacturers approved for use, and general product data to help guide RPC customers or label providers as to the enforceable limits when using labels on RPCs. This label and adhesive list is exclusive and will be open for annual review.

Only this exact combination of adhesive and substrates is approved for use. Labels and/or label providers found to be out of the required specification are not recommended for use. Those found placing non-compliant labels or labels found to be outside of specification will be notified to cease and desist. Continued use of non-compliant labels that are not recommended and found to damage IFCO Systems assets and/or leave potentially hazardous residue and/or substrate fragments will be subject to enforcement action. 

Label - Approved Placement 

Label - Approved Placement Document

Label placement can also greatly impact the removability. IFCO RPCs are manufactured with label placement surfaces on all display panels. Placement of compliant labels on designated surfaces will provide proper adherence to the surface while the RPC is in use, and will allow for effective removal during our wash process. Those found to be placing labels in non-approved locations will be notified to cease and desist. Continued placement of labels in a non-approved location that are also found to damage IFCO assets and/or leave potentially hazardous residue and/or substrate fragments will be subject to enforcement action. If you have any questions regarding what should be printed on a compliant produce label go to 

   General Label Placement Guidelines

        • Should only be applied to the short panel end walls

        • Should not be applied on the long side panels, bottom or inside the RPCs

        • Do not wrap label around handle

        • Only one label should be applied to each RPC and cannot be any larger than 4” wide x 2” tall (inches)

        • If using larger RPC, label should be placed on dimpled areas not on corner locks

        • Do not adhere labels under tines/card holder prongs, this is for cardstock only that is not glued to the RPC

        • For 6408, 6411 and 6413 only a film label may be used, not paper

        • Do not apply oversized pallet labels directly to RPCs but instead to the outer shrink wrap

If you would like your labels verified click here for process. For further questions or concerns regarding the label program please contact Heather Kniker, Supply Chain Manager at

Label - Approved Providers

The products approved for use in the label and adhesive specification document are universal and can be obtained from the suggested suppliers listed below, or your preferred label supplier as long as the label meets all specifications on the approved list.

Label Suppliers in the United States

300 East 4th St.
Safford, AZ 85546
Main: (928) 428-7450
Sales Contact: Paul Forsythe 
(928) 348-2501

Pointil Systems
12807 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230
Main: (503) 257-5097
Sales Contact: Wes Maughan
(503) 257-5097

Label & Bar Code, Inc.
4660 Main St.
Springfield, OR 97478
Main: 800-469-4176
Sales Contact: Phil Smith
(541) 341-3992

Nadco® Tapes & Labels, Inc.
2240 72nd Terrace East
Sarasota, FL 34243
Main: 800-839-9018
Sales Contact: Craig Kehres
(941) 751-6693

Craftsman Label, Inc.
13101 SE 84th Ave
Clackamas, OR 97015
Main: 800-274-4171
Sales Contact: Curtis Toops/Mike Ellis
(503)956-5085/ (949) 293-0062

CFS, Inc.

38 San Savio Court
Austin, TX 78738
Main: (512) 327-5991
Sales Contact: Bill Price
(512) 327-5991

Label Suppliers in Mexico

Flexo Soluciones S.A. De C.V.
Matias Romero 1141 Colonia San Carlos 
Guadalajara, Jalisco 44460
Main: 443-317-6798
Sales Contact: Gerardo Aviles
01 (443) 3176798

Label Suppliers in Canada

161 Hachborn Road
Brantford, ON N3S 7W7
Main: 800-363-4867
Sales Contact: Phil Wakely

Design Label (DLS)
150 Capital Ct. 
Mississauga, ON L5T 2R8
Main: 888-628-8892
Sales Contact: Jim Sanko
(905) 405-1121

Multi Action
6890 Boulevard Ate- Anne 
L'Ange Gardien, QC G0A 2K0
Main: (418) 660-1180
Sales Contact: Mike Pelletier
647 285-5970





Field Operations
A lid should be placed in the field on certain commodities for the following:

  • Food Safety
  • Sun & wind damage and dehydration
  • Light sensitive commodities

  • Food Safety
  • Dehydration from refrigeration
  • Light sensitive commodities

A lid will help decrease the chances of cross contamination if properly placed on the crate and is recyclable

Lid Suppliers

Image Plastics & Packaging
26786 Vista Terrace
Lake Forest, CA 92630
(877) 537-3748 or (949) 598-9545 or

First Genesis/Sunflower Rubber & Plastics
40-2400 Lucknow Drive.
Mississauga, ON. Canada.
Contact: Chris Lee
Phone: 905-677 1598

Chantler Packaging Inc.

880 Lakeshore Road East
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5E 1E1,
Main: (800) 565-5245

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