IFCO washing centers in Spain certified to ISO 45001

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 16th február 2021, in Správy

Munich, Germany, February 16, 2021: IFCO , the world’s leading provider of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) for fresh food, today announces the implementation of ISO 45001 standards in its washing centers in Picassent and Yunquera de Henares, Spain. The ISO certification ensures the health and safety of all IFCO employees working at the washing centers, minimizing work-related risks and incidents. With the washing centers in Spain being certified, IFCO’s washing centers in eight countries are complying to ISO 45001 standards, among those plants in the UK, France and Germany. Spain is already the 8th country with ISO-certified IFCO washing centers. IFCO is continuously working on maintaining and developing the highest standards in work safety, following a zero-harm approach in all its washing centers worldwide.

Being a leader in RPC pooling systems since 1992, IFCO is continuously working on maintaining highest standards in occupational health and safety and developing them even further. In fact, following a Zero Harm approach belongs to IFCO’s strategic objectives. Complying to the ISO 45001 standard does not only increase occupational health and safety and minimizes risks but has also an indirect impact on productivity, as employees are able to work more efficient in a safe environment. All IFCO washing centers worldwide that are holding the ISO 45001 certificate are not only able to optimize the quality and efficiency of their service and processes as well as the safety and health of their workers, but they can also increase customer satisfaction.

A zero-harm approach

"IFCO is not only a leader in making supply chains and the packaging industry more sustainable, we are also leading the industry towards highest work safety standards. By following a zero-harm approach and permanently working on increasing the safety and health of our workers even further, we want to offer our employees, who are the core of IFCO, the safest working conditions possible. With our washing centers in Spain now being certified according to ISO 45001 standards in addition to the washing centers in many other countries that are already complying, we want to ensure that our employees are working in the safest environment where they are not facing the risk of work-related incidents", explains Thomas Albrecht, VP of Service Center Operations at IFCO SYSTEMS.

In addition to ISO 45011 that certifies IFCO’s health and safety management, IFCO is already holding the ISO 9001 certification acknowledging its quality management. Complying with both standards, IFCO ensures the best product and service quality for its customers while not compromising on the health and safety of its employees.

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