Solutions for Bread

  • No investment in washing and maintenence
  • Storage for 256 RPCs vs 52 conventional bread crates
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Efficient merchandising

IFCO RPCs protect bread better from grower to retailer

IFCO Service Center

    • RPCs are sanitized to industry leading standards
    • Cutting edge technology ensures clean, safe RPCs
    • RPCs delivered on-time to fit your packing schedule


      • RPCs arrive folded, minimizing the need for storage space
      • Standardized packaging system reduces costs
      • Multiple sizes available to accommodate different products


        • Fast, easy assembly 
        • Automation capable
        • Ergonomic handles reduce pulls and strains


          • Weight supported by RPCs, not product inside
          • Interlocking RPCs ensure stability
          • Ventilation enables better temperature control

          IFCO RPCs help the worlds retailers optimize their fresh supply chains


            • Standardized packaging system and ergonomics speed stocking and selection
            • Secure stacking and rigid construction lowers product damage rate by up to 20%
            • Easier, more ergonomic handling increases labor efficiency and decreases risk of injury

            Inventory Management

              • Rigid construction protects products
              • Easy to identify product
              • Efficient use of space in back rooms and on floor


                • Easy to hand stack or place directly onto shelf
                • Clean, attractive display preferred  by shoppers
                • "One-touch" merchandising reduces store labor

                Bailing/Returns to DC

                  • RPCs eliminate need for time-intensive loading, compacting and baling cycles
                  • Easy, space-efficient stacking of folded RPCs to return to DC
                  • Eliminate wax cardboard disposal fees

                  Return to IFCO Service Center

                    • RPCs are cleaned and sanitized to industry leading standards
                    • RPCs are dried using cutting edge technology
                    • RPCs are wrapped and palletized to ensure food safety and quality

                    Packaging Solutions for Bread

                    Green Plus

                    • Strong corner tabs
                    • Optimal ventilation
                    • Ergonomic design

                    Green Plus: Color Plus

                    • Strong corner tabs
                    • Optimal ventilation
                    • Ergonomic design

                    Bread Series

                    • Durable construction
                    • Optimal ventilation
                    • Ergonomic Design

                    Logistics Capabilities

                    IFCO offers the complete RPC solution, managing all aspects of container logistics: pooled container management, inventory tracking, repair, sanitization, and transportation.Our comprehensive logistics service helps simplify complex supply chains for retailers and growers. IFCO's global footprint enables us to service both our customers' import and domestic volume, increasing the level of standardization and cost reduction in their supply chains. To learn more about our industry leading service, please contact us.

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