RPCs for Bananas

  • High Quality Bananas
  • Optimal Product Protection
  • Efficient Ripening
  • Reduced Environmental Impact

Advantages for Retailers

  • Easy, attractive display
  • Ventilation allows for easy ripening, faster cooling and more consistent color
  • Easy, ergonomic handling reduces time and labor
  • Quick, simple replenishment in store
  • Secure pallet in distribution center

Advantages for Growers

  • Secure stacking
  • Rigid construction protects bananas during transport
  • Efficient cube utilization
  • Special clips for secure latching
  • Easy assembly reduces time and labor

RPCs for Bananas

Logistics Capabilities

IFCO offers the complete RPC solution, managing all aspects of container logistics: pooled container management, inventory tracking, repair, sanitization and transportation. Our comprehensive logistics service helps simplify complex supply chains for retailers and growers.IFCO's global footprint enables us to service both our customers' import and domestic volume, increasing the level of standardization and cost reduction in their supply chains. To learn more about our industry leading service, please contact us.