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PULLACH, GERMANY, January 31, 2017: IFCO SYSTEMS, the leading global provider of reusable packaging solutions, has donated more than 240,000 RPCs (Reusable Plastic Containers) to food banks since the start of its initiative for the support of food banks in 2009.

Ever since, IFCO provides the food banks on a free-of-charge basis with IFCO RPCs for the collection and distribution of food and, in addition, supports the food banks with the voluntary work of IFCO employees and by co-financing refrigerated vans.

Wolfgang Orgeldinger, CEO of the IFCO SYSTEMS Group, once again emphasizes the fact that IFCO strongly believes in the food bank activities. He said: “the fact that our products and services can be used by the food banks in an optimal way helps them a lot optimizing their daily work. IFCO therefore concentrates all its social activities on the food banks and globally supports them in all countries where IFCO is active. The food bank system fits very well with our corporate philosophy, and we are happy to contribute also this way to a better alimentation for many people worldwide.”

Here is an overview of activities where IFCO supported food banks locally in 2016:

IFCO Germany added 16 more food banks to those already supported by the company, which totaled up to 96 by the end of 2016. The free provision of 16.700 RPCs in the course of the year supports the optimization of food bank processes and clearly contributes to a significant reduction of waste and also cost avoidance for disposal of one way carton. 4 new refrigerated vans were bought within the framework of the cooperation with the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V. (Federal Association of German Food Banks) for the co-financing of refrigerated vans.

In Austria, the Viennese food bank was supported with a financial contribution of 1000 Euro in order to help finance the construction of a new food bank building at “Grossmarkt Vienna”. After having built this, Food bank Vienna will be able to support twice as many people in need as of today. Heimo Thaler, Managing Director of IFCO SYSTEMS Austria said: “„The ‘Wiener Tafelhaus’ is setting a clear sign against waste – which can be seen equally with our new motto „Let’s protect the things that matter”. It is an honor for us to support such a valuable project. Further to this IFCO Austria also supported an initiative called „Schulapfel“ by donating 300 RPCs.

IFCO UK donated another 4000 RPCs to Trussell Trust for UK foodbanks and another 1000 RPCs to Crosscare Dublin for use in their foodbanks. In July 2 IFCO team members (Andy Beeching and Saskia Redway) ran the British 10k as part of a team of 6 on behalf of First Love Foundation (Tower Hamlets Foodbank). https://www.firstlovefoundation.org.uk/news-events/page/3/

IFCO Greece donated 40 crates to Hellenic Red Cross in order to support them carrying humanitarian materials in the island of Lesbos during the migration crisis. The president of Helenic Red Cross, Dr. Antonios Avgerinos expressed his sincere gratitude by saying: “Your contribution is a real proof of appreciation for the hard work carried out by or employees and volunteers during the current migration crisis and encourages us to intensify our efforts in order to respond to the growing social challenges of our time”.

Further to this, the country manager of IFCO Greece, Mr. Staikopoulos, took part in a humanitarian Xmas dinner of LifeLine Hellas. The Dinner was held by Crown prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Greece. IFCO Greece also supported “mazi gia to paidi” during their Christmas Bazaar, by taking over the transportation of goods (toys, clothes, etc. collected during the bazaar) to the foundation’s warehouse. “Mazi gia to paidi” is a charity foundation very well known in Greece for abandoned children and children in need.

IFCO Italy donated 800 Euro to Banco Alimentare (www.bancoalimentare.it) and another 800 Euros to Civil Protection regarding the Italian earthquake victims. These donations were made possible also thanks to customers who accepted to receive their Christmas greetings by email instead of printed cards and by not holding a Christmas dinner for the IFCO employees.

IFCO France closed two new contracts with Banque Alimentaire des Bouches du Rhône and Banque Alimentaire des Hautes Pyrénées. These, as all other already existing foodbank contracts cover the donation of RPCs. Once a year, on the last weekend of November, a national campaign is started by the Banque Alimentaire in big supermarkets with the aim of collecting donated food items that are subsequently distributed to people in need via humanitarian organizations or charities. As last year, the whole team of IFCO France helped to collect food donations in an Intermarché supermarket. Within 2 days, the team collected 2,450 tons equaling approx. 4,900 meals. Last but not least IFCO France donates on a yearly basis 4000€ to the Banque Alimentaire de la Loire.

IFCO North America donated 300 RPCs to the Gleaners Food Bank and had 54 volunteers serving a total of 216 hours to support different foodbanks with their work power. In South America, IFCO Brasil and IFCO Argentina continued their regular support for the local foodbanks by donating RPCs.

“In view of the widening gap between rich and poor, we are more convinced than ever that the work of the food banks is a very important contribution to support people in need all over the world. In 2017 we will therefore continue our successful cooperation with the food banks”, said Wolfgang Orgeldinger.

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