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Sealed Air ensures global food safety for IFCO RPCs

Diversey™ solutions ensure food safety for more than 1 billion RPC uses per year 

October 16, 2014: IFCO SYSTEMS, the leading global provider of reusable packaging solutions has announced a unique partnership with Sealed Air, the leading provider of Diversey™ cleaning and hygiene solutions and supplier of the detergents and disinfectants IFCO uses to clean its reusable plastic containers, Through this partnership, Sealed Air ensures the hygiene of all IFCO RPCs washed with Diversey detergents and disinfectants) through an integral cleaning and sanitation program. Sealed Air also provides on-line monitoring of IFCO’s cleaning process globally. This development is the latest effort by IFCO to implement the most rigorous food safety program in the industry. 

IFCO is committed to food safety and knows that, because standards and risks are always changing, the company must continuously monitor changes in the industry to ensure use of the best available cleaning and quality control processes, materials, and technology. The company has established best practices which it implements in each of IFCO’s 48 service centers in 19 countries. These best practices ensure strict standards around the world and include: 

• Global detergent and equipment standards and guarantees 

• Cleanliness and quality standards which exceed regulatory requirements 

• Maintenence of critical wash process parameter data with pallet level traceability 

• Use of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems 

• Third-party auditing in accordance with ISO 

• Retailer and producer handling best practices 

• Product withdrawal and recall procedures 

• Continuous improvement programs 

„As the global leader in reusable plastic containers for the shipment of fresh products, IFCO is also a leader in food safety,“ said Wolfgang Orgeldinger, CEO of IFCO, „IFCO employs the most rigorous and stringent standards in the selection of its cleaning agent and equipment suppliers in order to ensure top performance.“ 

With more than 200 million RPCs in circulation, IFCO is the leading provider of reusable containers to the fresh food sector worldwide. IFCO handles all RPC logistics, from distribution to cleaning to reentry into the supply chain. After retail use, IFCO RPCs are folded, collected and shipped back to one of IFCO’s service facilities, where they are sanitized and prepared for re-use. 

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