Nestor, the nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet, is ultralight and saves space!

There’s more than one reusable plastic pallet champ at IFCO. The ultralight Nestor stands out for his space-saving and nestable design. He’s the international player that streamlines your fresh grocery supply chain and allows air to flow, keeping your fresh fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

Nestor is a world-class ultralight champion (barely 14kg!) for transporting your fresh products across borders – especially fresh fruit and vegetables. And when he’s not carrying your loads, he’s easy to handle, nestable and highly stackable. He’ll take up much less space in your warehouse and trucks and reduce the carbon footprint of your fresh grocery supply chain.

What’s more, as Nestor is pooled through the IFCO Pallet SmartCycle, he comes with our superior support and low-carbon closed-loop pallet services that revolutionize reverse logistics.

Nestable, reusable plastic pallet

Nestor, the nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet, is pooled through the IFCO Pallet SmartCycle

IFCO Pallet SmartCycle

Nestor is light on his feet and extremely agile. But the reinforced metal bars give this reusable pallet extra strength and stability. With his excellent footwork – and wide feet – this nestable plastic pallet will secure, streamline and speed up your workflow in distribution centers and at retailers in no time.

Everyone loves working with Nestor. When empty, he’s so light and easy to handle. He’ll get out of your way real fast. Easy to pick up – with or without a forklift truck – Nestor will stack up in high numbers, saving space and time in warehouses, retail stores and on the return journey.
Reverse logistics just got easier, more efficient and sustainable. With Nestor, you can fit 1,386 empty pallets on a truck – that’s over two and a half times more than you could with wooden pallets!

Discover what makes Nestor, the nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet, the right plastic pallet choice for your fresh grocery supply chain.

Nestable Plastic Pallet

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  • Ultralight, reusable, nestable plastic pallet
  • Reinforced with metal bars, suitable for high racking and a load of 1,000kg
  • Wider feet and space-saving interlocking design for greater stability and secure stacking
  • Compatible with IFCO RPCs, standard crates and most roller conveyors
  • Ventilated and optimized for fresh fruit and vegetables
  • ISO 8611 evaluated at the VDZ Testing Facility in Germany

Key benefits of Nestor, the nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet, from producer to point of sale (POS)

  • Ultralight at 14kg, nestable, stackable, durable
  • Space-saving design fits 1,386 pallets in a single truck
  • High-quality HDPE food-grade, contamination-free plastic (DIN 10503 and EHEDG),
    exempt from ISPM 15 regulations
  • Reusable many times more than wooden pallets, infinitely 100% recyclable
  • Ventilated for increased air flow for fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Digitally enabled making the IFCO Pallet SmartCycle even smarter
  • Pooled by IFCO, ensuring superior service and pallet quality
nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet

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How does Nestor, the reusable, nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet, improve your supply chain?

pallet warehouse automation

Make your supply chain more efficient

Ultralight at 14kg, highly nestable pallet design improves and optimizes overall workflow efficiency, including for reverse logistics

pallet more products per trip transported

Transport more pallets per trip

At just 14kg, Nestor the nestable IFCO Plastic Pallet is more than 40% lighter than standard wooden pallets, allowing you to maximize your truckload. In total, 42 empty pallets fit in a stack, and 1,386 pallets fit in a full truckload (wooden pallets generally fit 16 in a stack and 528 on a truck). That’s over two and a half times more!

ifco icon esg sustainability

Protect and export fresh fruit and vegetables

Ventilated design increases airflow, keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Non-porous plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM 15 international shipping regulations

pallet hygiene

Meet high hygiene standards

Splinter-free, nail-free, rust-free, mold-free, moisture-resistant, non-absorbent and washable in temperatures up to 90°C.

pallet products transport

Reduce waste and use of resources

Extremely durable, with a 1% damage rate, compared to 25% for wooden pallets. And if it does break, we will recycle the material in our closed loop to make a new Nestor, completely avoiding the generation of waste.

cost efficiency euro

Reduce upfront and long-term costs

High-quality HDPE food-grade, contamination-free plastic ensures robust, durable, rigid design to maximize long-term use with cost-effective expenditure.

ifco digitalisation

Leverage the advantages of IFCO digital services

Improve stock management through IFCO’s Vendor Managed Inventory solution and increase network efficiency. Monitor dwell time, temperature, points of leakage and breakage to help reduce losses.

pallet traceability

Enjoy the one-stop-shop solution

Simplify logistics and administration by ordering, invoicing, declaring and monitoring all your reusable, nestable pallets and IFCO RPCs from the same place. With MyIFCO, you can track your pooling assets in real time to pinpoint bottlenecks, inefficiencies and losses.

ifco icon digitalisation

Nestor makes the IFCO Pallet SmartCycle even smarter

IFCO’s purpose-built durable reusable plastic pallets allow us to improve our share-and-reuse IFCO Pallet SmartCycle, reducing transport distances and the associated carbon emissions.

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FAQ: What do you need to know about the reusable IFCO plastic pallets?

1. How does it work with the IFCO plastic pallets?

We have a more cost-efficient and easier solution for you than wooden pallets and conventional exchange systems. Our reusable plastic pallets are only available through the IFCO Pallet SmartCycle pooling system, which means we take care of them for you. We deliver washed pallets to your door when you need them. You don’t buy our pallets or enter an exchange system as you would normally do with conventional wooden pallets, you use the IFCO Pallet SmartCycle "share and reuse" model. With our support, you reduce capital expenditure, upfront costs and administrative burdens.

2. And will the IFCO plastic pallets reduce our carbon emissions?

With a longer lifespan of up to 10 times more than conventional wooden pallets, and full recyclability at the end of life, our reusable pallets support the circular economy. In addition, the IFCO plastic pallets are designed to save space in trucks, reduce trucks on the road and eliminate inefficient transport legs, saving costs and carbon emissions in the process.

3. Why do you offer two types of reusable pallets? And how do I know which one is best for me? Dora or Nestor?

Both pallets are customized specifically for the challenges of today’s fresh grocery supply chain. Do you want a strong, sturdy, standardized design for use in highly automated logistics and hygiene environments, including meat and poultry? Then you should be looking at Dora.

Do you want an ultralight, nestable and stackable pallet that works in order picking and pack lines? Are you transporting fresh fruit and vegetables across borders? Do you need better ventilation to keep your fresh products fresh for longer, right up to POS? Then you should be looking at Nestor.

If you’re still not sure which one is best for your needs, get in touch. We’re happy to help you make the right sustainable pallet choice.

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