Black Lift Lock Series

With an ergonomic latching system and new base design, the lift lock series is an easy-to-handle packaging solution for fresh products. Through sturdy construction and rounded inner edges, crates from the lift-lock series provide the optimal product protection and supply chain savings that can be found throughout the IFCO family of products.

Easy Latching Handles

Ergonomic handles for easy assembly and disassembly

Optimal Ventilation

Maintains proper temperature through the supply chain

Durable Base Design

Builds stable pallet

Black IFCO Series

The IFCO series has strong corner tabs and ergonomic handles for building a strong, secure pallet and easy handling through the supply chain. Like all IFCO RPCs, crates in the IFCO series have air holes for increased ventilation and temperature control to ensure the highest quality product at retail.

Strong Corner Tabs

Maintains assembly and builds strong pallet

Optimal Ventilation

Speeds cooling and increases product quality

Ergonomic Handles

Enables easy assembly and handling

Meat Tote

The Meat Tote has the capability to transport both frozen and refrigerated case ready meat. The patented bale arm resting positions allows for varying product layer heights to optimize one container for all outbound shipments. Through durable construction that is unaffected by moisture, due to a completely vented bottom, full crates can also be column stacked for stability.

Durable Construction

RPCs are unaffected by moisture and retain strength in refrigerated environments

Optimal Ventilation

Ventilation holes maintain proper temperature throughout the supply chain

Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomic design makes easy handling

Black Egg Series

Through increased ventilation and durbable construction, the IFCO Egg Series reduces broken/unsaleable eggs by up to 50% and cools eggs up to 50% faster than conventional packaging. The front sliding wall creates a retail ready design that is easy to handle and merchandise without the use of box cutters or extra packaging waste.

Display Ready

Easy merchandising and display with sliding wall

Strong Latching

Secure latching ensures pallet stability and product protection

Optimal Ventilation

Air holes promote faster cooling than cardboard by up to 45%

Caja Oro™ Series

The Caja Oro™ series is the optimal transport packaging for bananas from grower to retailer. Increase ventilation speeds cooling by up to 33% and increases cooling consistency by up to 41% in addition to creating more even ripening and golden color.

Secure Locking Tabs

Maintains pallet stability in transit

Optimal Ventilation

Ventilation holes promote faster cooling and even ripening

Durable Base

Interlocking design maintains pallet integrity