Supercharging the meat supply chain: say goodbye to cardboard and wood, and hello to innovation!

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 9th July 2024, in Stories

If you’re in the meat industry, you’ve likely faced the headache of soggy cardboard, collapsing boxes, mold, wood dust or grimy pallets. Compromised and unhygienic packaging often leads to product returns, contributing not only to financial losses but also to massive food waste.

meat supply chain

Packaging susceptible to humidity is not only a magnet for bacteria but also leads to weight discrepancies, making the weighing process unreliable and causing disputes with retailers. These issues aren’t just minor inconveniences – they can disrupt your entire supply chain and affect the quality of your product.

Meat packaging solutions

Innovative meat packaging solutions for the modern age

At IFCO, we’ve been listening to your frustrations and have developed solutions that address these specific problems. Our secondary and tertiary reusable packaging solutions are stable, hygienic, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, thanks to the IFCO SmartCycle. Our foldable reusable packaging containers (RPCs) and reusable plastic pallets are designed to replace outdated packaging systems, providing a reliable and sustainable alternative.

Why switch your secondary meat packaging from cardboard to IFCO’s reusable packaging containers?

Designed with meat products in mind, IFCO’s foldable crates offer significant advantages over traditional cardboard boxes. Unlike cardboard, our plastic containers are not affected by moisture or mold, ensuring that the packaging remains intact and hygienic. This robustness translates to fewer disruptions in your supply chain.

Transportation is another area where our RPCs shine. Their foldable design means they take up less space during transportation and storage, resulting in substantial CO2 savings through optimized reverse logistics. Additionally, IFCO’s closed-loop system simplifies your operations and administration by eliminating the need to manage cardboard waste, making your supply chain more efficient and eco-friendly.

Switching to IFCO’s pooling system and renting RPCs allows you to shift from capital expenditure to operating expenditure, reducing your upfront costs. Additionally, your retail customers will appreciate the more efficient and sustainable packaging, which helps them improve their ESG strategy.

ifco meat crates
Wide range of packaging solutions designed especially for your meat products

Why switch your tertiary meat packaging from wooden pallet to the IFCO Dora Plastic Pallet

When it comes to pallets, the IFCO Dora plastic pallet sets a new standard. Specifically engineered for the rigors of the meat industry, this pallet offers unmatched durability and hygiene. Unlike wooden pallets, IFCO Dora is resistant to liquids and contaminants, ensuring that it remains mold-free and easy to clean.

One of the standout features of the IFCO Dora pallet is its weight stability. It doesn’t absorb moisture, which means it maintains a consistent weight and shape. This reliability is crucial for accurate weight measurements, efficient transport, and automation.

The anti-slip strips on both the top and bottom of the IFCO Dora pallet provide excellent grip, ensuring that your products remain stable during transportation. This added stability reduces the risk of accidents and product damage.

ifco meat crate

The digital edge: managing your fleet online

In today’s fast-paced world, staying ahead means leveraging technology. With IFCO’s digital solutions, managing your reusable packaging containers and pallets is as easy as a few clicks. Our online platform, MyIFCO, lets you track your crates and pallets in real-time, ensuring you always know their status and location. This level of oversight reduces losses and enhances security across your supply chain.

Preparing for future regulations – compliance with the EU PPWR

The meat industry is facing increasing pressure to adopt more sustainable practices, particularly with new EU regulations on the horizon. IFCO’s reusable packaging containers help you stay ahead of these requirements. By reducing waste and eliminating the need for disposable packaging, you’re not only complying with future mandates but also positioning your business as a leader in sustainability.

Get in touch with our team and receive personalized CO2 savings estimation

To sum up, switching to reusable packaging solutions is better for your meats, better for your budget, and better for the environment. On top of that, you gain digital tracking and stay ahead of the game by being compliant with the upcoming EU regulations. Get in touch with our team and schedule a consultation to learn more and receive concrete CO2e savings calculations based on your logistics flows.

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