Our commitment to sustainable water management: introducing the IFCO Water Stewardship Program

IFCO’s Water Stewardship Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to optimize water conservation and related management practices. It aligns with global standards and empowers sustainability and progressive business strategies.

ifco water stewardship

IFCO Water Stewardship Program

Understanding IFCO’s corporate water stewardship

At IFCO, we take pride in our low water footprint and our dedication to water conservation. Through our unique business model, the IFCO SmartCycle, our customers share and reuse our packaging containers, which allows them to replace single-use packaging and reduce their environmental footprint in doing so. This also includes substantial water savings. But we know that there’s more that we can do.

While our operation is not water intensive – our primary water usage stems from the cleaning of our crates and pallets – we continuously optimize our washing machines to reduce water usage, as well as implement water reuse and recycling initiatives, to minimize our water consumption while ensuring the highest hygiene and food safety standards.

As a global leader in reusable packaging solutions, we recognize the pivotal role of water conservation in safeguarding our planet’s future. Our program embodies this, serving as a benchmark to measure our progress in the years ahead.

ifco water stewardship

Unlocking the power of water stewardship

Discover how our WSP empowers us to minimize our water footprint. By downloading our detailed program, you’ll gain insights into actionable strategies and best practices for effective water management.

Learn more about our framework design and priority areas as outlined in the full Water Stewardship Program document.

Download our WSP document

Join us in designing a blueprint for water stewardship strategy

Transparency and accountability are fundamental values at IFCO. We invite you to learn more about our journey towards sustainability by downloading our Water Stewardship Program document. By doing so, you’re not just accessing information – you’re joining us in our mission to drive positive change. Download now and be part of the solution.

We invite fellow corporations to utilize our program as a blueprint for developing their own water stewardship strategies. By sharing knowledge and resources, let’s make a meaningful impact on water sustainability.

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