IFCO launches new MyIFCO™ Delivery Tracking System for real-time transportation tracking together with enhanced MyIFCO™ order design

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 8th September 2020, in News

Munich, September 8, 2020: IFCO SYSTEMS, the world’s leading supplier of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) for fresh food, today announces the launch of its MyIFCO Delivery Tracking System (DTS) in Europe. MyIFCO DTS is one of the newest functionalities for growers using MyIFCO to order RPCs for their fresh produce, expanding IFCO’s digital services with an innovative tool for real-time delivery tracking. With the new feature, IFCO is the first company to offer real-time delivery tracking for the transport of empty, cleaned and disinfected RPCs coming right from the wash centers.

Thanks to MyIFCO DTS, IFCO’s customers will be able to track the delivery progress in addition to the planned delivery date. The delivery tracking system relies on real-time information on traffic jams or accidents in order to calculate the actual delivery date and notify clients accordingly. To be able to offer this service, IFCO relies on GPS data of the delivery vehicles that are permanently fed into the system so growers can view the currently planned delivery time on the MyIFCO platform (on the web and soon on the app version) at any time. This makes the RPC delivery more predictable and allows customers to align their business operations accordingly.

Tracking the delivery in real time

When growers order RPCs, they receive a planned delivery date with MyIFCO. As soon as the vehicle is ready, IFCO will notify its customers with the updated estimated time of arrival and enable its clients to follow the route progress on a map in real-time. In case of delays due to traffic congestion, producers will be informed immediately so that they can adjust their planning accordingly.

MyIFCO DTS has been developed in cooperation with project44, the leader in real-time supply chain visibility. IFCO has rolled out the new real-time delivery tracking system by monitoring cross-border transportation to Spain as of July 2020. Within the next four years IFCO plans to extend MyIFCO DTS to other international and regional routes and to cover at least 80 percent of all deliveries in Europe.

IFCO customers benefit from planning reliability

"With our new real-time delivery tracking system, we offer our customers more planning reliability. As the delivery time specified in MyIFCO will be based on real-time data in the future, growers of fresh food can completely rely on it and align their production and logistics processes accordingly. By adding the innovative delivery tracking system to the MyIFCO platform, we are increasing our customers’ supply chain efficiency," explains Michael Pooley, CEO of IFCO SYSTEMS.

With real-time delivery tracking, IFCO continues its innovation and digitalization program. Furthermore, its Reusable Packaging Containers enable an environmentally friendly supply chain by a reduction of CO2 emissions, solid waste, and food waste. With growers now being able to track RPC deliveries in real-time, IFCO enables its customers to not only make their supply chain more sustainable, but also supports their digitization efforts. This helps IFCO customers to future-proof their business and to increase their competitive advantage even more.

MyIFCO DTS is part of an overall new MyIFCO order portal

MyIFCO DTS is the latest in a series of innovations that expand IFCO’s extensive services for the digitization of its customers’ supply chains. With its MyIFCO platform, IFCO pays particular attention to making workflows easier for companies, and enabling an uncomplicated, economically efficient and sustainable supply chain. These digitization efforts are part of IFCO’s innovation program that enables its clients to stay on top of the competition by relying on the most modern and efficient technologies.

The launch of MyIFCO DTS comes along with a completely new design of the MyIFCO order portal. The redesign improves the user experience and enhances the usability of MyIFCO order, making the process much more comfortable and intuitive for IFCO’s customers. MyIFCO order will soon be also available as app to all clients worldwide who are already relying on MyIFCO order.

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