IFCO digital delivery tracking and slot booking hits the road: adding smart solutions where it matters most

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 28th May 2024, in News

In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, efficiency and convenience are paramount, also when it comes to business solutions. As businesses strive to meet the growing consumer expectations, the importance of streamlining logistics processes cannot be overstated.

Within the realm of fresh grocery logistics, where time-sensitive deliveries and perishable goods are the norm, the stakes are exceptionally high. Just-in-time delivery and reduced transportation times are not merely preferences but imperatives, driven by the need to minimize food waste and meet consumer expectations for freshness and reliability.

At IFCO, we recognize the critical role that smart solutions play in addressing these challenges. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we are committed to enhancing efficiency and sustainability across every facet of the supply chain. Enter our latest digital innovations: delivery tracking and slot booking systems.

Eliminating admin tasks

IFCO’s fully automated delivery tracking system simplifies order processing, powered by telemetry solutions and GPS technology.

Providing full visibility of shipments

Our integrated DTS (Delivery Tracking System) offers real-time visibility, empowering customers to monitor their deliveries effortlessly.

Saving waiting time and frustration

With an integrated slot booking service, drivers and carriers can book convenient timeslots in advance, reducing waiting hours and enhancing efficiency.

IFCO delivery tracking system

Streamlining operations with IFCO’s fully automated delivery tracking system

Harnessing the ubiquity of GPS coverage and contemporary telemetry systems, delivery tracking systems (DTS) have emerged as linchpins within logistics chains. At IFCO, we have enriched our SmartCycle, which powers our Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) pooling model, with the integration of DTS. It spans growers, RPC distribution centers, and retailers, fostering unprecedented transparency throughout the supply chain.

Upon assigning the order to a suitable carrier, the automated system of tracking the delivery springs into action without manual intervention. This seamless process not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of human error. Our integrated DTS empowers customers with real-time visibility into their shipments, simplifying logistics management and reducing the strain on call center teams.

Going a step further: elevating efficiency with delivery time slot booking system

One significant challenge that required attention was reducing delivery timeframes. Carriers operate under constant time constraints, exacerbated by ongoing shortages in driver labor and transport cost increases. In response, we’ve implemented a delivery timeslot booking system to streamline operations and increase predictability for our customers and logistics partners.

This service seamlessly integrates with our Delivery Tracking System (DTS), enhancing the overall customer experience. It utilizes an online calendar updated in real-time. Carriers can now reserve a convenient timeslot for delivery, ensuring that upon arrival, gate staff only need to verify their vehicle’s license plate before loading cargo. This change empowers carriers to plan routes more efficiently, minimizing wait times and reducing unnecessary phone communication.

IFCO’s commitment to supply chain excellence and sustainability

At IFCO, we’re dedicated to fostering sustainability within the fresh grocery supply chain, often achieved through innovation and advanced technology. Our digital solutions, such as the Delivery Tracking System and integrated delivery timeslot booking service, are designed to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and optimize time efficiency for all stakeholders involved.

Moreover, these actions contribute to our sustainability goals: By optimizing delivery routes and reducing waiting times, we minimize carbon emissions associated with transportation. The new solutions will cover 80% of crates moving in Europe. So far, IFCO is offering the digital services in France, Spain, Portugal and Germany, and is expanding to Austria and Switzerland.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact your IFCO team representative.

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