Good news for retailers: a fresh interest in more home cooking

written by IFCO SYSTEMS, 8th February 2018, in Stories

Home cooking is on the front burner in 2018 for families, millennials, and teens, and that is welcome news to retailers looking to increase sales. According to a recent national survey, 73% of adults currently make dinner at home at least four nights per week, while almost one-third (31%) intend to cook dinner at home more frequently this year.

The survey, undertaken by ORC International on behalf of Peapod, found that millennials are driving the trend, with half of them saying they will make dinner at home more frequently in 2018. Almost four in five teens (79%), the generation dubbed post-millennials or generation z, indicated that they want their parents to cook more frequently over the coming year.

What’s heating up the home cooking trend?

According to the survey, the desire to cook more often at home is fueled by interest in saving money (72% of respondents) and eating healthier (52%). One shift to make note of is that 43% of Americans see home cooking as an opportunity to spend more quality time together as a family, up 11% over the previous year. This trend is particularly strong for parents, with 60% citing the benefit of cooking in relation to spending quality family time.

When it comes to picking dinner option, "tastes good" is the most important consideration (94%) followed by finding a meal that the whole family will enjoy (85%).

As mentioned above, four in five teenagers surveyed would like their parents to cook more frequently at home. Almost 60% of them report having fun while preparing food, while 55% of teens believe that meal time is a way to spend time together as a family.

Making home cooking easy

Ready to serve or cook mixes are seen to be the most valued home cooking shortcut by respondents, followed closely by pre-cut fresh produce. Pre-measured ingredients and grocery delivery are also perceived as important considerations. When it comes to grocery home delivery, millennials are more than twice as likely as baby boomers to value this option. Watch for other food trends such as regional, seasonal produce, as well as edible flowers and sustainable choices.

Good news for retailers

The increased interest in home cooking is good news for retailers. It underscores the importance of products that deliver on convenience as well as offering healthy eating options. One of the critical differentiators for healthy eating is in providing the best quality products. Packaging and shipping selection plays an important role in quality of perishables by aiding temperature control through superior ventilation. RPCs, for example, provide faster, more consistent cooling than single use packaging, in conjunction with a robust construction which provides better product protection and load integrity, along with other merchandising and logistics benefits. Plus, studies have shown that shoppers perceive produce displayed in RPCs to be fresher, higher quality.

Choosing RPCs is one decisive step that retailers can take to provide the best of fresh products to their shoppers looking to capitalize on the home cooking trend.

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