Our reusable packaging solutions for fish and seafood

Suitable for all types of automated systems, IFCO Fish Crates are specifically designed to carry chilled and frozen fish and seafood from ship to Point of Sale (POS).

Suitable for automated systems, IFCO Fish Crates are specifically designed to carry chilled and frozen fish and seafood from ship to Point of Sale (POS).

Fish and seafood crates that are suitable for automation

Like all IFCO RPCs, the fish crate is suitable for automation processes. The technical features of the RPC offer several logistical advantages compared to traditional packaging solutions; not only does it enable a higher filling capacity and a higher number of RPCs per pallet, the very stable design also ensures better product protection and longer store life.

Not to forget the labor and ecological aspects that RPCs offer. The standardized ergonomic RPC for fish and seafood permits easy handling and therefore better working conditions for logistics personnel, and the environment is protected thanks to less packaging material being wasted, less energy consumption and less decay of merchandise.

Packaging solutions for fish and seafood 

Caja Pescado

  • The most efficient way to sell fresh fish and seafood
  • Designed to meet high hygiene standards and prevent cross contamination
  • Optimized for chilled and frozen seafood products

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Chile Series

  • Una manera rentable de transportar sus productos de manera segura
  • El sistema de agrupamiento hace que no sea necesario invertir capital en los RPC
  • No se requiere espacio de almacenamiento para los RPC no usados

Fish Crate

  • Designed to meet high hygiene requirements and prevent cross contamination
  • Empty crates are nestable for efficient storage and transport
  • Suitable for all types of automated systems

4 reasons to choose IFCO RPCs for fish and seafood

Product-specific design

IFCO Fish Crates are designed to carry product throughout the supply chain, from fishing vessel to point of sale. Ideal for fish packed in ice, both before and after processing, they are tough and durable, and able to withstand onboard storage conditions. They are available in three designs, with or without drainage channels; those with the drainage system convey liquids away perfectly.

Efficient handling

Made in three sizes compatible with each other, our Fish Crates have interlocking features that stop the top tray from sliding when stacked.

Clean and hygienic

Designed to meet high hygiene requirements and prevent cross-contamination, IFCO Fish Crates are cleaned in a process that includes washing, disinfecting and thorough drying. Our SmartGuardian technology monitors every step, ensuring each stage meets exacting standards, and independent auditors complete further checks.

More sustainable

IFCO RPCs are reusable, ultimately recyclable and using them for fish and seafood eliminates the environmental harm caused by the recovery of expanded polystyrene (EPS) from disposable packaging. Overall, IFCO RPCs produce up to 60% less CO2and 86% less solid waste; they also use 64% less energy and 80% less water than single-use packaging.

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IFCO’s retail-ready transport packaging solutions enable producers to optimize space, improve temperature control and protect quality into the retail distribution center. In addition, retailers can optimize distribution and merchandising, lower costs, preserve product quality and lower environmental impact. With customers in over 50 countries and with more RPCs in circulation worldwide than any other supplier, IFCO can supply whatever your business demands.