Cool and smart: that’s Marina, the IFCO Fish Crate

Marina is a digital native! And a great catch for the seafood supply chain. Digitally enabled with a bespoke tight-fitting lid, she brings you the best of reusable packaging and efficient track-and-tracing tools.

Just chilling… Marina always knows how to stay fresh and smart. With her thick double wall – and isothermal talents – she’ll keep your fresh fish and seafood nicely chilled. And she always carries a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag ​and a QR code with her, so she’s ready for track-and-tracing systems whenever you are.

Reusable IFCO Fish Crate

Marina Fish Crate: so smart and chilled

ifco smartcycle fish crate

Marina is well-educated and knows the true value of our oceans and waterways.

That’s why you won’t find her leaving any waste behind. She’s part of the IFCO SmartCycle pooling system, so this reusable, fully recyclable fish crate will work hard during her very long life, sailing the seas to bring the freshest of fish and seafood to wherever it’s needed.

But Marina’s not just smart and state of the art. She’s strong and efficient, too. She comes nested to save space and resources and gets to work fast. Her lid fits perfectly to secure freshness inside. Even when she’s carrying up to six kilos of fresh fish and seafood, she’ll still be easy to lift, move and stack securely. And at the end of her shift, she’ll be out of your way in seconds.

Discover what makes Marina, the smart IFCO Fish Crate, so popular in modern supply chains.

Marina Fish Crate

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  • Double-wall isothermal construction for superior insulation
  • Track-and-trace Bluetooth Low Energy tags enable real-time data collection and valuable insights at every stage of the supply chain
  • More sustainable and stronger than expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes
  • Tight-fitting lid and rigid, robust design protect product quality and freshness

Key benefits of Marina, the smart IFCO Fish Crate, from ship to point of sale (POS)

  • Tight-fitting lid, interlocking surfaces and easy-to-use strapping system allows secure packing and stacking for transportation - Smart packaging solution with BLE track-and-tracing tags and QR codes
  • Nestable when empty, securely stackable when full, saving storage space and transport costs
  • Reusable many times, infinitely 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable, easy-to-handle alternative for single-use packaging and expanded polystyrene (EPS) boxes
  • Reusable, 100% recyclable fish crates comply with current and anticipated environmental legislation
  • Designed to meet high hygiene standards and prevent cross contamination
  • Pooled through the IFCO SmartCycle, for a best-in-class service
marina reusable fish crate

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Take a deep dive into Marina, the smart Marina Fish Crate

Designed in collaboration with experts from the industry, Marina supports sustainable fishing in a smart way, bringing track and tracing technology to the transport of chilled and frozen seafood and fish.

ifco fishs and seafood crate

Digitalize your fresh fish and seafood supply chain

Fitted with Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the Marina Fish Crate enables track-and-tracing systems in your modern supply chain, so you know the temperature inside the crate at every stage of the supply chain.

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Protect your chilled fish and seafood

The double-wall construction of the Marina Fish Crate ensures superior isothermal properties that protect your chilled fresh fish and seafood for a longer shelf life.

ifco highest quality

Comply with international laws

As restrictions on single-use containers and bans on expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging are on the increase, switching to reusable fish crates ensures that your packaging choices are in line with current environmental standards and legislation that is expected in the future.

ifco environmental health

Reduce waste and use of resources

Every IFCO RPC is reused up to 120 times and is 100% recyclable, avoiding landfill waste and helping reduce your carbon footprint more sustainably.

ifco icon reusable packaging solutions

Meet highest hygiene standards

The IFCO fish crates are cleaned in a process that includes washing, disinfecting and thorough drying, all monitored by our SmartGuardian technology and checked by independent auditors.

fish crate sea transport

Improve your supply chain

Purpose-built reusable IFCO fish crates are nestable and compatible with standard pallets, such as the IFCO Plastic Pallet.

warehouse efficent

Enjoy premium pooling services

Reduce carbon emissions with the IFCO SmartCycle pooling model for optimized reverse logistics.

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FAQ: What do you need to know about the reusable IFCO fish crates?

1. How does it work with the IFCO fish crates? 

We have a more cost-efficient solution for you than single-use packaging. Our reusable fish crates are part of the IFCO SmartCycle pooling system, which means we take care of them for you. We deliver washed crates to your door when you need them. You use our crates to transport your chilled and frozen seafood to the point of sale (POS) and we’ll pick them up again from the wholesalers or retailers.

You don’t have to worry about anything else. We’ll take care of the cleaning of our reusable fish crates in our state-of-the-art IFCO Service Centers, just as we do with all our reusable packaging containers (RPCs). And then we’ll send them out again to you and other popular fishing ports. You don’t buy our RPCs, you use our SmartCycle "share and reuse" model. 

2. Will the IFCO fish crates help us comply with legislation on single-use packaging waste? And will they reduce our carbon emissions?  

As governments continue to tighten restrictions on single-use containers and impose bans on expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging, switching to reusable fish crates ensures that your packaging choices align with current and future environmental standards.

Switching completely to our reusable fish crates eliminates expanded polystyrene waste from single-use crates in your supply chain – and reduces waste in our oceans and seas. With a lifespan of up to 120 uses, and full recyclability at the end of life, our fish crates support the circular economy.

What’s more, the IFCO SmartCycle pooling system is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the fresh grocery supply chain.  When you take the full life cycle of IFCO RPCs into account, studies show that they generate up to 60% less CO2e, 86% less solid waste and use fewer natural resources, namely 80% less water and 64% less energy.   Learn more

3. What happens if the IFCO Fish Crate is damaged or broken?

We’ve designed our fish crates to be robust and last for years. If the unexpected happens and you spot a damaged crate, let us know. Whatever you do, don’t throw it away. We’ll send you a replacement and we’ll make sure that our fish crates are 100% recycled to get a chance at a second life!  

4. Why do you offer two types of reusable fish crates? And how do I know which one is best for me? Coral or Marina?  

Two crates are better than one! Both are customized specifically for the challenges of today’s fishing industry and are suitable for chilled and frozen seafood products. Both meet high hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination during transport and storage.  

Do you want a sturdy, standardized design with the option of four different sizes that can stack together? One that is the most stackable reusable fish crate on the market? Are you shipping frozen fish as well as chilled products? Then you should be looking at Coral.  

Do you want a state-of-the-art, stackable isothermal crate with a tight-fitting lid and a Bluetooth tag that enables track and tracing? Are you transporting chilled fresh fish and seafood? Then you should be looking at Marina.  

If you’re still not sure which one is best for your needs, get in touch. We’re happy to help you make the right sustainable packaging choice. 

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