Retail-ready packaging for fresh products

IFCO's retail-ready transport packaging solutions enable retailers to optimise distribution and merchandising, lower costs, preserve product quality and lower environmental impact.

Save time with one-touch solutions

  1. Easy stacking
  2. Extremely stable
  3. Less labour, less waste

Reduce product damage by over 96%

  1. Sturdy construction
  2. Secure stacking
  3. Better ventilation

Reduce environmental impact 

  • up to 60% less CO2
  • 80% lower water consumption
  • 86% less solid waste
  • 64% lower energy demand
  • 85% lower eutrophication
  • 66% lower acidification

Packaging Solutions for Fresh Products​


  • Optimal ventilation
  • Secure stacking
  • Easy handling

Caja Oro

  • Even Ripening
  • Strong latches for stable pallet
  • Ergonomic design

Magnum Box

  • Easy handling
  • Product protection
  • 4-way access

Green Lift Lock

  • Ergonomic latches
  • Product protection
  • Temperature control

Fresh Box

  • Durable design
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Ergonomic handles

Green Plus

  • Strong corner tabs
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Ergonomic design

Meat Lift Lock

  • Durable Construction
  • Optimal Ventilation
  • Ergonomic Handles

Black Lift Lock

  • Ergonomic latches
  • Product protection
  • Temperature control

The IFCO Advantage

Global scale, local expertise: the support your business needs, where you need it

With a network of local offices and over 1,100 customer support employees worldwide, at IFCO we’re there for your business.

Centralised control, local support

The IFCO pool is managed centrally, with continuous monitoring and optimisation of shipments, to ensure the right equipment is always available for our customers when and where they need it. Customer services are managed locally, to ensure you can always reach someone who understands the needs and challenges of your market.

Manage your account your way

Our state-of-the-art IT systems make it easy to manage your equipment pool. These include a web-based clearing system, track-and-trace for pooled equipment, and planning and simulation tools to optimise logistics. Our corporate finance and inventory management interface is SAP R/3.

A strong team based on strong ethics

IFCO adheres to the highest global standards in workforce safety and supplier diversity, with flexible local execution. 

Proactive about your performance

We work closely and continuously with all our customers to help them improve their supply chain performance, optimise the way they work with our equipment and reduce costs. From handling tips and cube optimisation to best practices at the point of sale, our account managers are always available to give you their expert advice.

Only IFCO offers such a wide range of pooled equipment and solutions, with over 70 models of RPC. We have RPCs to suit every type of fruit and vegetable, including one designed specifically for bananas. And we have other RPCs optimised for meat and poultry, eggs and baked goods.

We also work with our customers to improve this range as part of a continuous research and development programme.

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