Welcome to IFCO!

We’re excited to announce that BEPCO is now a part of the IFCO family! As the world’s leading provider of reusable packaging containers (RPCs), IFCO has successfully acquired BEPCO, a market leader in reusable packaging for meat and dairy in the Baltics.

ifco reusable packaging

What does this mean for you?

  • You’re being redirected to IFCO as part of this transition.
  • You’ll continue to receive the same great service from the BEPCO team.
  • We’re combining our expertise and resources to better serve your needs.

For any inquiries or assistance, please reach out to the BEPCO team at:


Liivalao 11, Tallinn, Estonia Estakaadid 42-45 (+372) 5666 0844 admin@bepco.ee


Dzirnieku street 26, Marupe, Marupe district, LV-2167, Green Park (+371) 220 467 47 admin@bepco.lv


Ateities pl. 79A, Kaunas 52104, Lithuania
(+370) 637 78017 kaunas@bepcopooling.lt

Sodų g. 10, Skaidiškės, LT-13270, Vilniaus r. sav (+370) 6695 9689 vilnius@bepcopooling.lt

Thank you for your understanding and support as we move forward together!


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